Interview: Gevorg Rushanyan, Digitain

"At SAGSE, we successfully enhanced our relationship with local brands, in jurisdictions such as Peru and Argentina"

Gevorg Rushanyan, Digitain's Senior Sales Manager, at SAGSE 2022.
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In late March, SAGSE Latam held its 30° anniversary edition in Buenos Aires, returning to its in-person exposition format following a pandemic-related hiatus. The traditional Argentinian fair saw positive attendance levels and favorable reception from participating companies, among them iGaming software solutions provider Digitain.

"We were very happy with the whole event, and we had lots of conversations with potential new partners," Gevorg Rushanyan, Senior Sales Manager at Digitain, tells Yogonet, reflecting on the participation. The business utilized the opportunity to present some of its latest products, and catch up with clients in the region.

Additionally, the executive details plans for the Latam market, plus discusses the situation in Argentina, which has recently seen Buenos Aires, the country’s largest jurisdiction, launch its online market in December

What were the main novelties, products, and services that the company presented and focused on in the latest SAGSE edition? 

The main products we showcased at this year’s SAGSE included our new, exciting iGaming platform, Centrivo, and our updated sportsbook.

Centrivo offers our partners a highly scalable, flexible and stable platform to build their online business on. With over 400 payment providers already integrated, no matter where you are located, we can ensure a localized payment solution to suit your needs.  Our new platform can also handle 10,000 bets or transactions per second – an amazing number.

Our upgraded sportsbook, available as a turnkey solution, or as an API, provides a high degree of flexibility, including a dedicated view for the Latin American market. Brands can be set up in a matter of minutes, using or DGBuilder tool, to ensure differentiation. Includes a fantastic range of in-play betting opportunities per month from all over the globe, and we can guarantee a premium experience for players.

What were the company’s key goals for the event, and which would you say were the main takeaways?

Our key goals for this year’s event included ensuring we shared our new products as well as the rest of our portfolio with the visitors, and potentially new partners from this important location.

Also, face-to-face expos offer great opportunities to meet up with our existing partners, to see how they’re doing, to check they’re happy with the service they’re getting from us, and to apprise them of new product launches in the pipeline.

What did this presence at SAGSE represent for the company in terms of its strategy? What opportunities did it open in terms of networking and meeting clients?

Growing our footprint of partners in this region is a key part of our strategy and our presence at SAGSE was another important step in the journey.

We were very happy with the whole event, and we had lots of conversations with potential new partners, as well as using the occasion to promote our ‘hero’ products to key stakeholders in the region.

As well as this, we feel we successfully enhanced our relationship with local brands, in jurisdictions such as Peru and Argentina, a key to our success, we believe.

As the expo returned under its traditional in-person format, what opportunities would you say this opened for the company? How does this compare to online meetings?

There’s no doubt that online meetings are an important aspect of our business lives these days and I think they’re here to stay, given the amount of remote working and, also, the international nature of our business.

Face-to-face opportunities, such as SAGSE, are vital for successful networking, sales, and maintaining existing partner relationships.

Building relationships is better achieved on a personal basis. Also, online you miss the opportunities provided by visitors simply walking into the stand unexpectedly and having a chat with one of our sales team– a surprising number of deals start that way.

The event highlighted the online gaming industry, which has seen growth as of late in both host country Argentina and the LatAm region at large. What opportunities does the company see in these markets now and what is its strategy for them going forward?

Our strategy is to continue to develop our partner network, now at 150 operators, with a particular focus on regulated markets in South America. To that end, we have started to build a local sales team that can build up their knowledge of the market and the potential clients and who can provide an effective personalized service to our partners, old and new.

The situation in Argentina is very interesting, of course, and we will be focusing on the opportunities afforded by Buenos Aires and the other regions when they become regulated. We feel our wide portfolio of products and experience makes us a good fit for operators looking to launch and develop a successful online gaming business

Buenos Aires, the country’s largest jurisdiction, launched its online market in December. Have you seen any progress in reaching deals for this new market? What are your expectations for this jurisdiction?

As mentioned, we have high hopes that we will successfully partner up with several operators in this jurisdiction. We have certainly had very positive discussions at SAGSE, and they are progressing, so we will see what happens next.

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