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MGA adds new Personal Portfolio feature, e-ID login to its management system for licensees

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The Malta Gaming Authority is launching its new “Personal Portfolio” feature in its Licensee Relationship Management System (LRMS). Users of the service will now be met with two distinct timelines when accessing the LRMS: the “Company Portfolio” and the “Personal Portfolio.”

As part of the Personal Portfolio implementation, the “Personal Declaration Form” (PDF), will no longer be accessible through the Company Portfolio, a Friday press release states. The application will instead be located under the Personal Portfolio application menu and will allow the user to create and submit the PDF.

Moreover, the MGA is introducing a “Request for Involvement Approval” application, which will be automatically created on the Company Portfolio’s timeline. This will be the case when the user links the involvement with an already licensed operator: otherwise, the involvement approval will be in the Involvement step within the Gaming License Application.

These involvements will be created on the submission of the Change in Personal Details application, which will allow anyone with access rights to the Company Portfolio to approve or reject any involvement requests. The approval or rejection of the roles would signify the finalization of the company’s responsibilities, and henceforth, the MGA will be required to proceed with the final steps of the process.

In order to further explain how these changes work, the gaming authority has created a series of tutorial videos, showing how to switch between the portal timelines, how to create a new PDF and add a new involvement, how to accept or reject a Request for Involvement application, and how to accept or reject a Request for Involvement within a Gaming License Application

In addition to these changes, the MGA is also introducing the e-ID login on the LRMS: anyone holding a Maltese e-ID may opt to access the management system by using the e-ID login details.

“It is important to note that if an individual does not have the login details but is aware that a PDF has already been created on the portal, the individual should kindly contact the Authority to access the form,” the MGA said.

The MGA’s New Licensee Relationship Management System is accessible through a secure and dedicated web portal and was first introduced in 2017. It was developed with the intention to transform the way the authority interacts with its current and prospective licensees through the simplification and digitalization of its online and land-based processes.

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