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Inspired enters brand deal with MLB Players Alumni Association

Inspired & Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association.
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The company signed a contract to utilize the name, brand, image, persona, and likeness of the non-profit MLBPAA members to be commercially used. Inspired’s “Home Run Shoot Out” virtual baseball game will showcase legends of the game including Baseball Hall of Fame home run hitters Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, and Al Kaline.

Inspired Entertainment, Inc. has announced a multi-year exclusive contract with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA) to utilize the name, brand, image, persona, and likenesses of the MLBPAA members to be commercially used worldwide. The MLBPAA's membership currently has more than 8,600 members composed of former Major League Baseball players.  

Inspired intends to use its award-winning visual effects and the latest in motion capture technology to bring the MLBPAA greats to life, delivering an experience with 'Home Run Shoot Out, a virtual home run hitting competition, which can be licensed to all of Inspired's virtual sports customers, both online and in retail.

Inspired's "Home Run Shoot Out" virtual baseball game will showcase some legends of the game, including Baseball Hall of Fame home run hitters Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, and Al Kaline, as well as other prominent former players. Fans can watch some of the greatest sports heroes in baseball history slug it out in a shortened home run hitting competition, where they can bet a number of different ways including the winning player, a total number of home runs, correct score, and the under/over markets.

Brooks Pierce, President and Chief Operating Officer of Inspired Entertainment, said: "We are pleased to announce our partnership with the MLBPAA, which allows us to produce the first-ever suite of entertainment products featuring the brands and images of its members. Fans will love cheering on their favorite superstar players of all time, creating a more passionate and competitive experience. We have had great success with our NFLA Legends of Football game and we expect to raise the bar even higher with Home Run Shoot Out."  

Pierce added: "Fans will now have the opportunity to watch the best ever to play the game, compete against the power hitters of the next generation. The game will initially be in a single-match format, but we are also developing a knock-out/tournament format with an overall tournament winner and we intend to continually introduce new legends to the game."

MLBPAA President Brooks Robinson, commented: "As the award-winning recognized leader in virtual sports, Inspired is the perfect fit for the MLBPAA and our members. We are always looking for new and different channels to expand our reach, assist our members and help our local communities.  This partnership with Inspired fits well within our primary mission. The Home Run Shoot Out suite of games helps position MLBPAA legends to grow their brands, embrace technology, and remain in the front of the minds of their fans."

The non-profit organization MLBPAA was formed to promote the game of baseball, raise money for charity, inspire and educate youth through positive sport images and protect the dignity of the game through former players.

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