Bilateral cooperation

TVBET and HollywoodTV expand their game lines through a new partnership

TVBET & HollywoodTV's partnership began in 2019.
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The providers of live lotteries and card games, which have been working together since 2019, have now allied in a bilateral cooperation where TVBET added HollywoodTV's game Mega6 to its kit.

TVBET and HollywoodTV announced Wednesday that they have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership to expand the game lines of both companies.

According to both providers, this alliance has strengthened their positions in the igaming market, expanded the list of each other's services, and has already connected an expanded game offer to several partners.

“It is noteworthy that the treaty relations between companies took place earlier when HollywoodTV added TVBET games to its portfolio in 2019 and successfully provided them to the mentioned partners. But recently, the cooperation became bilateral. TVBET has added HollywoodTV's popular game Mega6 to its kit, and such content cooperation will be further enhanced”, TVBET said in a statement.

TVBET and HollywoodTV are providers of live lotteries and card games that offer integration of their solutions to casinos and bookmakers. Companies seal content partnerships to provide an expanded portfolio of live games to the end customer. Thus, partnering companies of HollywoodTV such as Big Bola, IGP, Tipobet, Betist, Sahabet have already integrated a combined portfolio of providers. At the same time, the availability of the Mega6 game for TVBET partners was announced recently.

In an official press release, Petr Korpusenko, TVBET CEO, said: “In combining the game suites with HollywoodTV, we see amazing prospects for our companies and for the betting market as a whole. Such fruitful cooperation allows us to provide customers with the best experience. We’re on the same page here with the HollywoodTV team, which will only help us to get stronger.”

André Meusburguer, HollywoodTV Sales Director, added: "Together with TVBET we are a stronger player and offer a more complete suite of games to our clients and their customers, who can benefit from having the best live games in the industry. It's been a long collaboration and is certain to last forever". 

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