Interview with Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET

"Latin America is at the top of our interests at the moment"

Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET.
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After announcing deals with crypto casinos, TVBET is now entering into a new world within the industry. The company's CEO tells Yogonet about the new trends in the business in this new post-pandemic scenario, where LatAm's growing market seems to be the next step in TVBET's radar not only for iGaming but also for the cryptocurrencies wagering.

TVBET has recently announced deals with crypto casinos, such as BoGap’s casino brand BetBit and BC.Game. How does the company assess crypto casinos functioning in the current markets, and how have the cryptocurrencies affected the gaming industry so far?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are developing at an incredible speed, and every day we see more and more options for using them in practice. One of the most important industries this innovative technology has penetrated is iGaming. We strive to enter into cooperation with various casinos, and among them, there are also cryptocurrency casinos. Cryptocurrencies have already changed the world of gaming, so the main advantage for players is that this technology simplifies deposits and withdrawals, as well as the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain allows users to see that games are safe and fair. Therefore, it seems to us that the number of cryptocurrency casinos will only increase. 

As El Salvador became the first country to recognize cryptocurrencies as a legit currency, does TVBET see a potential plan to expand its crypto casino projects in the territory? What is the next step in terms of expansion? What are the strategies not only to attract the crypto-acquainted audiences but also gamblers who have not yet entered the crypto world?

In fact, we do not directly deal with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. As a B2B provider, we do not accept payments from players or provide games directly to them. We provide the integration of our games into casinos and bookmakers. And lately, we see that more and more crypto casinos arrive, and thus we also enter into cooperation with these representatives of the industry. Our goal is to work with trusted partners who strive to provide their customers with the best gaming solutions.

As the company continues to expand its footprint in Poland, what makes this market attractive for you, and how does the TVBET project continue growing in the region? Are there new verticals to explore in the country after the pandemic hit? What is the future of the company in and around this already conquered territory?

Poland is essentially the birthplace of TVBET. This is where we were founded, the main office, and our studio where we produce our games are here. In Poland, we already have a huge number of partners, and we will certainly continue our development in this country.

As for the pandemic, of course, it affected the business as a whole, and the players were forced to move from land-based points to online. In our case, it probably even worked in our favor since in the first months of quarantine, we saw a huge increase in the bets on our games. This was due to the fact that all sports events were postponed, and bettors were looking for alternative entertainment with similar functionality and odds. This is where our games with an extensive betting line stepped into the breach.

Which wagering behaviors and trending betting types are you seeing these days, and how are you working to analyze them and permanently adapt your products to them, considering the new technologies, sports offerings, and digital habits?

We constantly analyze the market and our product as well and strive to improve it following the trends and desires of the end consumer. So, for example, the requirements of the players for graphics and pictures are constantly improving. And along with that, we strive to improve the graphics and streaming quality of our games. Every day the player becomes more and more demanding, and we try to rush after him and satisfy him. As for the bets, here is a slightly different story. It should be easy and simple for the bettor to understand the functionality, the bet should be placed in a couple of clicks, and there should be attractive odds to engage the bettor. And here we are also constantly analyzing and improving everything to keep the player involved in our live games. This is constant painstaking work with a variety of tools, which we successfully perform.

After the company's latest partnership with DoradoBet, are there any other partnerships insight that will further strengthen TVBET’s presence in the Latin American market? What are the next steps in the Latin American expansion project? Is Brazil encompassed in the company's plans, and under which kind of business model?

Latin America is at the top of our interests at the moment and we are actively developing partnerships in the region, including Brazil. So, one of the last was a partnership with Betwarrior. Of course, this is just the beginning, now there are several more LATAM partners at the stage of integration, and we will continue to expand our "partner family" in the region.

In a previous interview with Yogonet, the company described its expansion in the LatAm market as having "good results obtained by sports betting during the pandemic". What are the post-pandemic trends in the region? How have the markets in the continent changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?

With the return of sporting events, the popularity of betting among Latin American players also returns. At first, of course, the gaming market suffered a lot, and in general, people were focused on other things. But now betting returns, and we see the interest of the players in the region in our games, as an alternative to sports betting. So we believe that live games is a new fresh trend on the igaming market. In general, we see growth in bets on our live games among our partners by 7-8% per month, which is a good and stable indicator.

How is the company planning to begin operations in Argentina, as it is seeking to register operators in the country, with the constant fluctuations with the dollar? Is there any advantage that TVBET may have over other companies when it comes to operating there?

As it was told, as a B2B company, we do not accept payments from clients, so these fluctuations won’t touch us much. Besides, we only work with licensed companies in the regions where it is allowed. At the moment we do not cooperate with Argentina casinos and bookmakers, but we will be happy to offer the integration of our games to licensed points.

How does TVBET assess its satellite product in areas with a poor Internet connection, and which specific benefits are this bringing to your business? Which countries have shown an increase in their activity after its launch? Is there any Latin American country that could benefit from this technology?

Initially, we developed this technology targeting Africa, where many regions have a feeble Internet connection. This technology is undoubtedly an advantage of our company because even without the Internet, players will be able to enjoy betting on our games without losing anything. We haven't provided this service for any partner from Latin America yet, but if necessary, we will be glad to provide TVBET Satellite or Virtual Solutions. In any case, we will be happy to share all the features of our games and technologies.

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