Interview with Javier Manceñido Laczo, LSports

"LSports is very clear about the potential in Latin America"

Javier Manceñido Laczo, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager for LATAM & Iberia at LSports.
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In an interview with Yogonet, Javier Manceñido Laczo, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager for LATAM & Iberia at LSports, explained the region's importance for the company, reviewed the main advantages of its offer, and highlighted BetBooster, a competitive tool for operators of online gambling.

How do you think the opening of Latin America towards sports betting is evolving, with the entry of increasingly established markets, such as Colombia or Peru, and the entry of upcoming market options, such as Argentina and Brazil?

Without a doubt, step by step, the opening and regulating of markets in the region is advancing. In my point of view, this phenomenon benefits the entire gaming ecosystem: operators, regulators, and players benefit directly from regulated activity.

This regulatory process also allows operators to invest in a secure and long-term planning environment. A clear example is sports sponsorship. And as examples of this are the success stories of soccer clubs mainly, in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, that is joining in as well.

How important is the region for LSports, and in which markets do you expect to have a higher initial penetration?

LSports is very clear about the potential of the region. The first step to approach it in a consistent way is my focus on Latin America. My main objective is the commercial development of the regions under my responsibility, translating the needs of the clients in terms of data content, into a specifically tailored proposal.

Furthermore, the idea is to promote and offer innovative solutions that improve the performance of their operations. As for the countries, we are really interested in knowing more about our products and services from different territories. Today Brazil is an extremely attractive market due to its potential and its imminent regulation, but Latin America is a set of independent markets with differences that we are prepared to address with the necessary flexibility.

What are the characteristics that set LSports apart from its competitors in the market and that can help it to become one of the regional leaders in its vertical?

I think it is important to highlight our extensive coverage, not only in the main competitions but also in the minor championships, which are also very attractive for the bettor. Today we have around 105,000 pre-match events and 70,000 in-play events available; 24,000 competitions and more than 1,600 markets for 60 sports. We also offer a depth of local competitions that enable operators to reach all the events in their particular territory. As some examples, I can say that in Argentina our offer varies from the Super League to the First D or the Regional Amateur Tournament. In Brazil we offer the Brasileirao, the Gaucho Championship, the Alagoan Championship, the Sul Matogrossense, the Nordeste Cup, or the Baiano U20, among others; and in Colombia our offer varies from Dimayor to Liga Antioqueña or Primera C.

Another important difference that sets us apart from other data providers is that we offer the Horseracing, Greyhounds and Trotting verticals 100% integrated into our interface, and regardless of our data services, we count with LVision, a world leader in AI and computer-vision products, mainly for the sports betting industry.

Our algorithms analyze sports streaming and historical game data to create real-time visualizations, betting tips, insights, and unique betting markets.

Today, our flagship product is BetBooster, an automated betting tips service based on historical data, live incidents, and artificial intelligence analysis, covering both pre-match and in-play options. Those who want to see a demo, or access more information, can access the following link:

We have also developed the Tennis Betting Simulator, with 300 daily short tennis games, generated by the use of historical data with real-time probabilities, and unique visualization of statistics, perspectives, and more.

I want to emphasize that it is not virtual, but it is based on real historical data and is, therefore, easier to connect to in terms of reliability and integrity. Demo and more information can be found here:

The company is characterized by meticulous customer service, how is this implemented in Latin America?

In the region we will continue to offer our usual 24/7 support service, creating exclusively dedicated groups for each direct customer service on Skype.

Do you think that the real-time sports information you offer at an international level will be an asset for LSports in the region?

We already offer first-class one-stop-shop services for all data, fixture metadata, pre-match odds, in-play odds, live scores, live stats, match tracker, play-by-play visualizations as well as players' props, and a fully automated real-time settlement system for in-play and pre-match. We are one of the few, if not the only provider, that submits settlements in real-time for pre-match.

What else can you tell us about BetBooster?

It is truly an asset. As mentioned above, BetBooster offers “Betting Tips” based on historical data of events, live incidents, and artificial intelligence analysis of the behavior and preferences of each player. These tips are linked to betslip, to be able to place the bet directly.

It is currently showing fabulous results, with a 10% to 20% increase in turnover, the number of bets, amounts, and speed. Its integration is carried out 100% on the frontend, which does not require an effort from our clients' development teams. It is an agnostic product in terms of the platform used by the operator, it can be implemented without restrictions.

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