Through the acquisition of Sportium Colombia brand

Winner Group Cirsa becomes the largest gaming company in Colombia

“Nowadays, building and shaping the culture centered on sports betting and online casinos is an essential part for companies like ours to expand their offer in the amusement, entertainment, and leisure sectors,” noted Juan Carlos Gómez Roa.
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Winner Group Cirsa, the largest gaming operator in Colombia, advanced in the sports betting and online gaming vertical with the takeover of Sportium Colombia (, which is now becoming part of the most important company in the country.

Being part of the international operator Cirsa, together with the profitable growth of recent years, its rapid expansion at an organic level, and the experience and knowledge of the Colombian market, are key reasons for the decision to add Sportium to the company, representatives from Winner Group Cirsa explained.

Faced with the digital transformation and the current competitive landscape, Winner Group has adapted to new technologies with the launch of products to satisfy its regular customers, who already have it in their top-of-mind, and are projected into the generation of new customers and trends, they highlighted.

It is important to emphasize that Winner Group is a company with 72 casinos nationwide, with a presence in the main cities of the country with its recognized brands such as Rio, Hollywood, Broadway, Caribe, and Rock'n Jazz, among others, "always working with objectives and values based on transparency, recognition, attitude, and growth ”, they explained.

It has more than 2,600 employees and a very solid administrative structure that guarantees a promising future for Sportium. “A network of Casinos, where each location adds sports betting to its services offering. In addition, we must state that it is the only company in the casino sector with ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification and Biosafety Protocols, granted by Icontec,” they commented from the company.

“Nowadays, building and shaping the culture centered on sports betting and online casinos is an essential part for companies like ours to expand their offer in the amusement, entertainment, and leisure sectors with solidity. Starting today and thanks to this acquisition, we will expand our recognition in Colombia and further strengthen our structure, since we have operations in more than 26 cities in the country, and through the 72 casinos we also have a large distribution and coverage network," said Juan Carlos Gómez Roa, Country Manager of Winner Group - Cirsa.

Following this acquisition, and with an investment of approximately 10 million dollars, as well as with the addition of new slot and table game offers, and a live casino, Winner Group expects that by next year Sportium will be in the top 5 of the largest operators in Colombia.

“This acquisition strengthens the opportunity to increase our presence in the street, and to continue offering an online entertainment product with the highest quality standards. Sportium also expects to grow through the mergers and acquisitions of other operators. Our commitment is with Colombia, to continue contributing to the health of Colombians, and with our players, who can expect new products on our platform, as well as the quality and service we've always offered ”, added Patrick Sewards, Country Manager of Sportium.

Winner Group - Cirsa, in addition to offering its services, promotes its responsible gaming culture policy, as stated by Gómez Roa, by saying: “We are the only company to create and develop an exclusive communication and prevention campaign on gambling in Colombia, which we call Responsible Play. With it, we motivate customers to take a fun and entertaining attitude towards gambling, in a restrained manner”.

From today onwards, Winner Group Cirsa will focus all efforts on promoting an incredible experience for its customers, under service and quality policy that guarantees improves and provides the main offer of sports betting and online games in Colombia.

“Sportium Colombia will invest strongly in its technological platform, it will develop a complete macro plan for marketing, communication and dissemination around live sports betting, slot and table games, always with the aim of providing everyone the best experiences through fun and entertainment”, they concluded.

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