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New ITL recyclers will debut at Feria Internacional del Juego 2019 in Madrid

The firm will have its two new recyclers center stage at the trade show.
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Innovative Technology will be exhibiting at the Spanish gaming trade show, which will take place at the IFEMA in Madrid, on April 9-10.

At Feria Internacional del Juego 2019 in Madrid, Innovative Technology (ITL) plan to have their two new recyclers center stage, as well as their TITO offerings and new age recognition unit – ICU.

"This biannual event is important in the ITL Spain calendar as it provides us with a great networking opportunity in a region that is vital to us. We are looking forward to showcasing our two next-generation recyclers to the Spanish gaming industry for the first time and expect these units to attract much interest. The NV22 Spectral (NV22S) and Spectral Payout offer the gaming industry secure, mixed denomination recycling as well as large storage capabilities thereby eliminating coin starvation and reducing float levels. The NV22S is a more technologically advanced and secure version of the NV11 which is already a marketing leading product in Spain. This compact, 40 mixed note recycler is suited to medium volume applications with limited space and can recycle multi-denominations. For higher-volume applications the Spectral Payout is more suitable. This is a more technologically advanced iteration of the SMART Payout which offers 80 note mixed denomination recycling at a quicker speed and with a higher level of security," Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, Group Sales Director commented. 

Both new recyclers use ITL’s Spectral Technology so are highly secure banknote validators. The NV22 incorporates the NV9 Spectral and the Spectral Payout uses ITL’s established NV200 Spectral. The use of Spectral technology in both units offers protection against fraudulent and stained notes and full spectral imaging sensors validate the authenticity of notes.

Innovative Technology will show ICU to the Spanish industry too. Using intelligent biometric algorithms, this age verification device automates the policy for controlling access to age-restricted premises such as Adult Gaming Centres. ICU is a standalone unit, so there is no need for customers to pre-register, providing a seamless service for the end user. ITL will be showcasing this at Feria Internacional del Juego this year giving it the first outing at a Spanish show.

"We will also be demoing some ticketing products as well as talking customers through some examples of successful TITO installs in the region. Our field-proven NV12 will be available on the stand. Its modular design combines an NV9 banknote validator with a high-performance printer unit and integral barcode reader, delivering a market leading ticketing system. The SMART Ticket, also popular in Spain, is a unique banknote validator and ticket printer utilizing continuous roll ticket media. The revolutionary note in / ticket out design eliminates the need for a separate printer and is suitable for multiple applications," Mustapha added. 

"We have very strong relationships with our Spanish customers so will proudly have our validators displayed on several of our customers’ stands at the show too. Our team will be on stand # A6 so come along and see our impressive product portfolio and learn more about the benefits they can bring your organization," the Sales Director concluded.

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