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SiGMA Regulatory Conference deals with AI, VR and Blockchain

AI guru Angelo Dalli offered his opinion on how AI is changing and disrupting the gaming industry, with traditional gaming melding with newer technologies, such as AI.
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The Regulatory conference has brought new technologies —AI, VR and Blockchain— together for an industry-shaking discussion on innovation.

Starting off the debate, AI guru Angelo Dalli offered his opinion on how AI is changing and disrupting the gaming industry, with traditional gaming melding with newer technologies, such as AI.

“I think it will disrupt the industry in areas relating to player behaviour, where you try to predict and also manage their behaviour in a responsible way, giving bonuses at the right time, making sure you follow the right budgets, and focus on personalisation..we already have this technology but I think AI is going to take it to the next level,” he opined.

He also touched on responsible gaming and the importance of spotting less desirable behaviours in players. Dalli highlighted the need for players to have a safe and fun experience and to experience excellent customer service, he believes that this is where the future of AI comes in, with the technology able to provide players with a better game experience, especially for those who might not be able to ordinarily afford it. There was also mention of the possibilities offered by the merging of eSports and gaming, with Dalli saying he thought this would be ‘the next frontier of AI’.

Fellow panellist Alexandre Tomic spoke about whether augmented and virtual reality have lived up to the hype that has engulfed them over the last few years.

“Three years ago VR was a big thing, everyone was talking about it, myself being quite vocal about it – and it obviously didn’t meet expectations,”

He believes there are several reasons for this, firstly tech is complicated and secondly there is a conflict between real money gaming and virtual reality.

On the other hand, he suggests the possibility of creating an application in social gaming, saying “We’re actually shifting our application to make it a social gaming application’ – Poker Stars released an application in VR a couple of weeks ago and basically we’re looking at what they do in order to decide whether to pick up on it or not, however I see a lot of complications.”

Virtual reality also presents technical problems, not just with the amount of gear needed for players to enjoy the games, but the complexity of setting up the tech for personal use. ‘One of the main problems in VR is that you need someone who knows how to make it work’.

Speaking of disruption, Aleksandra Fetisova gave her two cents on how blockchain technology is turning the industry on its head. “Blockchain has creating a new decentralised market but it hasn’t disrupted it, this technology can help and open doors to new opportunities.”

One of the main advantages blockchain is bringing to the gaming industry, aside from the obvious benefits regulation offers, is that it optimises everything; everything is automatic through smart contracts – meaning you can avoid third parties. There is also an opportunity to get funding for creating games, you can put your game through the blockchain system, giving an opportunity for people to invest in your game, it is then released automatically.

Essential operators gain a more efficient system, more transparency for the regulator and users and operators and, importantly more security – as Aleksandra explains, ‘the wallets are on the side of the players’, which is a weight off their mind.

There is also huge potential for AI and blockchain to work together.

“AI will enhance blockchain tech and make it more intelligent…blockchain is going to create a lot of auditable transparent data. It’s going to generate a lot of info, maybe more than is currently available to regulators, so I think AI is going to be able to help navigate this huge amount of data and help make sense of it and make sure it is done in a socially responsible way,” finishes Dalli.

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