Pablo Abbate, IT Manager of Global Gaming & Systems

“Our Virtual Casino concept is revolutionary”

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(Mexico, exclusive Global Gaming & Systems, company dedicated to the development of technology, and more specifically in centralized management and administrations systems for gambling venues in Mexico and Latin America, participated in the latest ELA edition. Pablo Abbate, IT Manager, talked to Yogonet on the scope of its development, and the main markets in which the company has intention to penetrate in the short-term.

Which is the product offer you brought for the Mexican market?
What we were presenting for two years is made in an extraordinary and completely new technology, not only for the Mexican market but internationally. Basically it consists in a medium to focus any type of information related to the gaming offer, which can be categorized in different levels: it is possible to bring services and offer them through the electronic cash system and, in this “simil Ipad” 10” screen, communicate content to the player, mainly the slots player, such as the provision of services, the possibility to ask for beverages or food, offer video so he can watch TV or that he can watch races or sports events, such as the redemption of points or charge promotions.

The concept we consider revolutionary is the Virtual Casino, which allows the player to have a simultaneous game: a non-competitive paralell activity, because we understand that the slot is the casino vedette, but, at the same time our product allows, with a pair of clicks, to generate a new gaming demand, which does not require much player interaction.

Is it a system which is independent from the machine ori s there a direct relationship with it?
We are GLI certified and so we support SAS, which is a protocol of certification of transference between our system and the gaming terminal. It is the only requirement needed. In fact, in the Mexican gaming market, we support all the terminals and it means that it is extensive worldwide, because they use the same protocols.

Where is the firm located?
Physically, we have the headquarters in Mexico, and we have representatives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Are there other markets in Latin America in which you have interest in penetrating?
Specifically, our two future goals are Colombia-in which we will enter with al the online product line up to virtual casino- and Peru, another interesting country for us because  there is a big growth of the cashless system, and it is the ideal candidate for this type of products.

And in Argentina, which is your presence, considering that we count with a representation there?
WIth regard to Argentina, we are working with a technology that we still can call “lab tested”, called “picture in picture”, and what we are doing is to supress the use of the tablet and take the video of the machine in an area in which we have the same type of media, but without the need to be “on tablet”. We want to have that technology mature in order to develop it in more evolved markets.

How much time did it take the development of the product?
We have had six years in the complete development of this product. We were born here in Mexico, due to the specific need of a corporation, and we made it extensive to all the others. And specifically in the new technology, to which we have dedicated two years of work, and we think that for “picture in picture” we still need six to eight months.

Is it considered the possibility of converting it in an autonomous terminal inside the casino?
It is a very good question, because the Virtual Casino philosophy is virtuality. The player can move in an independent way for the slots, he may play bingo and besides he can move his credits to the cloud and play in an Intranet: it means he moves the money from the casino to a site and, afterwards, he can continue playing at home.

Which is the feedback of your presence in ELA?
As every new technology, the first expectation we have there was to collect information, to see which was the sensation that great operators had, and fortunately, it was much more positive than we have imagined.

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