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Ritzio expands in the VLT Italian market

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“The Italian gaming market moves toward diversity – to provide more services at a single location. We are following the trend with an offering of a mix of modern slot machines, VLTs and traditional services”, commented Poline Brat, the head of Ritzio’s Italian division.   

The first few months of operations have proved the new machines to be popular among the
Vulcano della Fortuna players. Currently Ritzio plans to place video lottery machines in all company’s gaming clubs by the end of summer.

‘Vulcano della Fortuna’ is an Italian version of Ritzio’s key brand ‘Volcano’– a popular multinational gaming chain that employs principles of quality service and consistent branding.

Today there are twelve Vulcanos running business in ten Italian cities with three more clubs to join the network after renovation activities.

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