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WMS to present its largest number of new game themes at G2E

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WMS to display its largest ever number of new game themes at G2E, including the first games utilizing the next generation CPU-NXT 3 Operating System; The Godfather and Yahtzee New Premium Games, coupled with WMS' Foundational Technologies such as The Great and Powerful Oz, The Price is Right, The Ultimate Show, Monopoly, Around the Globe and Attack from Mars.

WMS' latest games and technologies will again highlight the company's ability to deliver the future today with its development of next-generation product and platform innovations that bring players exciting new game experiences while helping drive consistent, sustainable returns for casino operators.

With industry-unique solutions, including WAGE-NET Networked Gaming Portal applications and the recently introduced Player's Life Web Services, WMS will demonstrate at G2E 2010 how the company's Culture of Innovation has created an arsenal of products that are designed to enable gaming operators to generate higher coin-in, differentiate their slot floors and benefit from operational efficiencies.

Of the 120 new games on display, 63 will be integrated with Portal applications and/or Player's Life Web Services, which create a multitude of new gaming experiences for players as gaming operators choose how they mix and match these value-added features with games on their slot floor. All the new games on display are expected to be commercially available before the end of calendar 2011. Furthermore, WMS is highlighting its WAGE-NET platform in the "WAGE-NET Tech Center" which will enable customers to engage with WMS' Tech Aces to learn more on the ease and value of adopting the platform's multiple components. In addition, WMS will debut the first games that leverage the capabilities and functionality made possible by WMS' next generation CPU-NXT3 operating system, a new platform that will revolutionize the slot experience.

Brian R. Gamache, Chairman and CEO of WMS, commented: "WMS' development of advanced products and technologies that lead the industry in innovation are a result of our consistent execution on a multi-year product development roadmap. We cultivate a fanatical, company-wide approach toward listening and building customer satisfaction. This culture has driven the development of forward-thinking products that bring enhanced value to our customers today while simultaneously enabling long-term benefits from their investment in our gaming technologies. The integration of our innovative games with our Portal applications and Player's Life Web Services creates new opportunities to collaboratively build on our relationships with gaming operators and players."

Among WMS' featured products at G2E 2010 are exciting new product executions that leverage the critical core technological capabilities of the Adaptive Gaming, Community Gaming, Transmissive Reels technology and Sensory Immersion Gaming platforms.

Product Highlights

WMS' product design and development teams have created a record number of innovative products offering new, exciting, differentiated gaming experiences including:

67 new for-sale games and 53 new participation games 33 games integrated with WMS' Portal applications for Networked Gaming: software applications with highly unique and exponentially differentiated gaming experiences that generate new player interest and allow gaming operators to harness the benefits of networked gaming while advancing their slot floors towards a server-enabled Casino Evolved environment 44 games enabled with WMS' Player's Life Web Services, an innovative solution that enhances player engagement, loyalty and repeat casino visits by keeping gaming operators connected to their players through an entirely new, integrated online, mobile and offline (real-life) player experience 4 new game titles developed for the Company's CPU-NXT3 operating system Continued utilization of WMS' foundational technology platforms 59 games that leverage the player entertainment experiences enabled by the Bluebird xD gaming cabinet

Gamache added, "Customer and player feedback and continued market share growth validate that WMS' for-sale video and mechanical reel products are consistently high-performers at our customer's facilities. The innovative games we are introducing this year and their interoperability with forward-thinking platforms have elevated our game content to unprecedented levels and are the cornerstone of our Unleash Imagination theme. This year's G2E is of vital importance to customers as they build their strategies to offset economic and industry challenges. With the integration of an expansive number of games and our Portal applications and Player's Life Web Services solutions, WMS continues to create value for our customers today that is extensible into the future. By combining the creative value of our content, our proven ability to innovate entirely new foundational technology platforms, the power of networked gaming capabilities and the growing reach of social media applications, we continue to deliver unique entertainment experiences that drive higher coin-in, slot floor differentiation and operational efficiencies for our casino operator partners."

Casino operators benefiting from WMS' Casino Evolved Vision

WMS will demonstrate 33 products that showcase the combination of various Portal application families with new games from the Company's video or mechanical reel game library. WMS' Portal Game Enablement technology leverages the flexibility of networked gaming functionality to extend the life cycle of base game themes by adding new entertainment experiences on slot machines connected to the network. All of WMS' for sale base game themes introduced within the last twelve months and going forward support the Company's Portal applications. WMS will showcase 5 unique Portal application themes across five reel video reel games, three and five reel mechanical reel games and on both Bluebird 2 and Bluebird xD gaming cabinets.

Orrin J. Edidin, President of WMS commented, "Our Casino Evolved vision embodies the continuous, creative evolution of WMS' design and development process and advances our commitment to delivering a premium value proposition to our customers. Initial casino placements of our first Portal application family - Ultra Hit Progressive - have generated coin-in premiums of up to 37% compared to games with the same base game theme not offering the UHP application. Gaming operators can select which Portal application families and themes to integrate with which game themes, providing them with the ability to tailor their slot floor to offer their players a differentiated experience. By combining our deep portfolio of video and mechanical reel base games with multiple Portal families, each of which feature multiple themes, we are creating new value for gaming operators in terms of opportunities for increased coin-in, offering countless new, differentiated experiences for players and increasing slot floor flexibility."

The Portal application families being demonstrated at G2E are:

Ultra Hit Progressive (UHP) - WMS' first commercially available Portal application family, will be demonstrated on both video and mechanical reel games. UHP adds a secondary mystery progressive bonus experience to the base game while also providing gaming operators the ability to change the manner in which secondary bonus experiences are enjoyed through an intuitive back-of-house user interface. Two themes for the UHP Portal family will be on display: Jackpot Explosion and Piggy Bankin, with its swelling and ultimately cracking piggy bank theme. The UHP application advertises imminent jackpots on the base game screen, the gaming cabinet's top screen, as well as on strategically located signage.

The featured "WAGE-NET Tech Center" in WMS' booth will highlight the ease of implementation and benefits arising from the adoption by gaming operators of Portal applications as well as the other components of WMS' WAGE-NET Networked Gaming platform: Player's Life Web Services, FreedomPort, WMS' Player User Interface windowing platform, GamEdge Patron Services, Account Based Wagering and Remote Configuration and Download applications.

Player's Life Web Services: Extending the entertainment experience beyond the casino walls

Player's Life Web Services (www.playerslife.com) reflects WMS' understanding of the phenomenal growth and impact of social media on consumer's lives and how it is changing lifestyle and media and entertainment consumption habits. At G2E 2010, WMS will demonstrate 44 games integrated with its Web Services platform that advances the Adaptive Gaming platform to the next level in order to foster an increased connection between casino operators and their players and enhance player engagement.

IMAGINE All New Video and Mechanical Reel Innovation

A few highlights include:

4 new games designed on WMS' next generation CPU-NXT3 operating system will be showcased: The Great and Powerful Oz, The Price is Right, The Ultimate Show; The Godfather; Monopoly Around the Globe and Attack from Mars.

With ten times the computing power of the CPU-NXT2 operating system, CPU-NXT3 elevates the game experience with real-world, real-time 3-D physical outcomes never before available on the gaming floor, new audio and visual capabilities and enhanced data communications.

WMS will also showcase its industry leading innovation available in for sale games with exciting new and/or enhanced executions of video and mechanical reel games. Over a dozen new G+ Deluxe themes offered in the series featuring large, very attractive reel symbols, exciting game play videos, game statistics of wins and losses, and that's not all. With these themes the player experiences Big Win, Super Big Win and Mega Big Win animations.

At G2E 2010, WMS will also demonstrate its growing portfolio of games for Class 2 and VLT markets with dedicated games for each segment and will also feature several products including the next generation multi-game Feature Pack available for Helios, the company's fully-featured, value-priced gaming cabinet.

Gamache concluded, "Across the board, WMS is making the future more immediate each day by innovating industry leading, in-demand products that deliver value to our customers. Our new operating system, which we will commercialize first for our gaming operations business with the launch of the Sensory Immersion 2.0 platform, will be another leap ahead of the competitive set. In addition, next generation executions of games featuring our foundational technology platforms and our newest for-sale video and mechanical reel games remain at the forefront of gaming innovation and provide additional evidence of WMS' ability to Unleash Imagination to drive higher coin-in, efficiencies and slot floor differentiation. When it has been more important than ever, WMS has proven to be the leader in creating value for casino operators through new product introductions and our breadth of product demonstrations at this year's G2E will prove that our commitment to customers has never been stronger."

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