Models DPX-S415 and DPX-S425 to be showcased at booth number 1732

Innocore’s “Double Down” to be presented in G2E Las Vegas

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For new customers, the new products provide a leading edge platform on which to base their new products. Utilizing the very latest computer technology from Intel and AMD, the highly integrated single board computers allow game designers to transform their electronic game machines with dazzling multimedia and powerful computing power. High performance graphics engines are included that offer 3D acceleration and multi-monitor support and dual core 64-bit CPUs allow optimal use of the latest 64 bit operating systems and system RAM up to 8GB.

• The DPX-S415 is an AMD platform sporting ATI Radeon HD4270 graphics which is a DirectX 10.1 engine for awesome graphics performance, stunning 3D visual effects and dynamic interactivity. The platform include’s AMD’s latest HyperTransport technology 3.0 to boost system performance and supports the latest Athlon II Neo and Turion II Neo dual-core processors II.

• The DPX-S425 is an Intel platform based on Intel’s latest 32nm technology and including state of the art features such as Intel Turbo Boost and Hyper threading Technology to enable 4-way multitask processing and automatic over-clocking to handle CPU demand. The integrated Intel HD Graphics provides superb visual performance for sharper images, richer color, and life-like video and audio. The CPUs supported are the state of the art Intel Core i-5 and Core i-7 with Integrated Memory Controller that provide stunning performance.

Both products include a full bandwidth PCI-Express v2.0 x16 graphics expansion slot that can be used to boost graphics performance further or to add third or fourth monitors. Innocore offers a growing range of medium and long production life graphics cards for use with the new products.

Although the new products provide a great step up in computing power, they also include a full feature set of gaming I/O, COMS and security hardware. The core gaming hardware is based on Innocore’s robust field-proven architecture that is deployed in tens of thousands of gaming machines worldwide and approved by regulatory bodies for all major markets.

This speeds the customers’ time to market as well as giving them the confidence that the platform will be reliable and meet the long term requirements for their next generation games. The products are also backed by Innocore’s usual guarantee of 5 years of mass production life.

“We take great care to plan our products roadmap and time product releases to maximize performance and lifecycle. The new DPX S Series products provide a quantum leap in performance over our existing products and anything available from other suppliers. Through Innocore’s close strategic alliances with chipset and CPU manufacturers we are able to be the first out of the gate with these significant new products” said Craig Stapleton,
Innocore’s Product Director.

The new products are complemented by a new range of enclosures which will also be on show at the upcoming G2E tradeshow. They are also fully compatible with Innocore’s comprehensive range of software products including Secureboot, TPM Suite, SAS Engine and DPX Connector to provide the OEM customer with a complete solution package to speed his development and time to market.

Innocore can be found at booth number 1732 at the tradeshow.

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