All game play and access is controlled by radio frequency cards

Norwegian bingo halls go online with Parlay bingo games

(Norway).- Interactive bingo software provider Parlay Entertainment has joined forces with Norsk Bingo to launch a new concept in bingo entertainment that will see a convergence between the online and land-based bingo industries.
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Last Autumn Norsk deployed the first twenty of a planned roll-out of 2,000 touch-screen tabletop kiosks across 30 bingo halls throughout Norway which will utilize Parlay’s online bingo games. The touch-screen tabletop kiosks are a new way for Norwegian players to access bingo online while playing in their favorite bingo hall.

All game play and access is controlled by radio frequency cards which let players activate their accounts and manage financial transactions. Players access a kiosk by simply flashing their card in front of it. From there they can play Parlay Bingo using a touch screen.

Perry Malone, CTO and co-founder of Parlay Entertainment, said: "Parlay has always been a leader in the online bingo industry. And we’re pleased to be part of this latest innovation. The collaboration between Norsk and Parlay sets a new direction for both the online and land-based bingo industries, and is further evidence of the wide-ranging convergence that is sweeping through this sector. An innovative offering like this can help reinvigorate the land-based industry, whilst at the same time bring online bingo to a wider audience."

Norsk Bingo’s Lars Bakken Elvsveen said: "Norwegians have a great love for bingo and this gives them the opportunity to enjoy a new dimension of the game. Bringing Parlay’s online bingo games to our existing bingo halls is a winning combination for all. Players have more ways to play and win and we introduce the excitement of the electronic game to our traditional land-based players."

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