Interview to Giorgio Gennari Litta, head of SAGSE

SAGSE Panama confirmed its fourth edition for 2008

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Which is the balance you can make of this third year of the Panamenian event?

In our business there are many actors and, obviously, we have to attend everyone, so it was necessary to listen to them and wait for the closure of the event to have a complete vision of the event and its future. As we have already said, the market makes the exhibitions and not the organizers. We came with great expectations and fortunately we achieved to gather both companies and public. Operators and manufacturers had a great assistance and the event was performed in a nice business environments, which was our aim for the third edition of the show.

You feel there was a growth, in spite of the fact that several companies did not join the current event as exhibitors?

Yes, Panama has grown. Local entities want this event to remain in Panama. I think they are interested in mantaining it and also asked us to collaborate with them to keep it in the country. But more important that the will of the institutions is the will of the companies: some of them told us it was a pity to conclude the event because it has future; so we announced the new edition for 2008.

Which is the concept you are handling for this event and when would it be held?

With regards to the date, we intend not to disturb the current schedule of events, considering the new show to be held in Mexico next May, as well. That's why we had to place the event in a way it does not interfere with the task and the growth of those markets, so it will be held in mid June 2008. We are already analyzing the exact date, because we do not want to disturb the market or other organizers.

Considering the rest of the regional events, Do you think this decision will harm or promote the industry?

I think Mexico has an enormous potential, but it is a new market and we have to investigate it. SAGSE did not want to enter to that market but we want to do concrete things. However, I think we are not going to modify the schedule. Altough Colombia has not set an exact date, it has an important space in April, which is like a tradition, so we keep on maintaining the same date as well as the balance of the events.

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