"Over time, we'll see the digital online experience and the retail one actually merge into one" | Yogonet International
Video interview with Tim Kennedy, VP of Sales Europe, SUZOHAPP

"Over time, we'll see the digital online experience and the retail one actually merge into one"

Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales Europe at SUZOHAPP, in a video interview with Yogonet.
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In an interview with Yogonet, Tim Kennedy anticipates SUZOHAPP will see the first installations of its new line of sports betting terminals this month in Connecticut, with tabletop terminals planned for upcoming months. He says retail operators are reviving their plans for reinvestment in the retail sector as they look at how they can reinvigorate that channel, re-engage with players and offer them "a new kind of digital retail experience."

SUZOHAPP, a company that provides cash management hardware solutions for the global gaming and betting industry, has set its focus on a new line of sports betting terminals, as it has showcased during G2E Las Vegas this week.

In a video interview with Yogonet, Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales Europe at SUZOHAPP says the company has put some of those terminals through certification and testing, and its first installations in the US are scheduled for October, most specifically in the brand-new sports betting market of Connecticut.

"I think the Connecticut players are going to see an integrated solution. It's a combination of quite a fresh eye, a fresh slant on a twin-screen terminal, plus a nice over-the-counter solution for an assisted bet. Some way down the track, you'll start to see our tabletop terminal come to life. So we're in discussions with a number of customers about that, and working out which will be the first date to deploy those. And we had a number of successful discussions at G2E around that. So it'll be a few months yet before you see those, but we're well prepared and everything is on track," he anticipates.

When asked about one of the pandemic-related effects which saw players shift towards digital gaming and betting verticals, Kennedy says "the flip side of that trend is we're now seeing retail operators dust off their plans for reinvestment in the retail sector. We've seen recently Entain in the UK announcing a big investment for retail again. Retail is certainly not dead. The revenue from retail is substantial. And I believe the smart operators are now looking at how they can reinvigorate that channel and re-engage with the players and encourage those players to experience a new kind of digital retail experience. And I think that fits completely into SUZOHAPP plans of introducing new compelling products with a better user journey than a traditional transactional terminal provides."

Moreover, SUZOHAPP has recently announced a new partnership with CUSTOM GROUP to distribute professional printing solutions for the gaming and retail betting industries in Europe. Kennedy explains that CUSTOM has a great line of different printing solutions and also the internal design and manufacturing capabilities to design something new. "So as the market evolves and the market trends change, they can build a customized solution that's fit for purpose," he notes, and adds: "I think over time, you'll see the digital online experience and the retail experience actually merge into one. So you'll expect all the same sorts of nice features that you get on the mobile phone in a nice retail environment, and it's important that all the key elements that you would expect, so whether you want to make a payment on a phone or transfer that credit to a terminal and print a receipt, that it's a seamless experience."

In addition to this week's return to G2E Las Vegas, SUZOHAPP has a full calendar of events, including their recent presence at SBC Summit Barcelona 2021 last month, and two highlights ahead in London: EAG 2022 in January, and ICE coming up in February.

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