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For H1 2021

Crypto is third currency by GGR share, SOFTSWISS insights show

SOFTSWISS Sportsbook insights for 2021.
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The new report places desktop on top for devices used for fixed-odds betting; however mobile devices earns the top spot for total number of bets placed at 77%. In terms of GGR, US Dollar is the principal currency, followed by Euro and crypto. Football was the most popular sport during the period, followed by tennis and basketball. Bets by gender find men betting more than women and players who opt to remain gender-neutral.

SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, launched in December 2020, has released its first report, compiling insights based on a study of user behavior in the first half of 2021.

The online betting trends insights reflect aggregated anonymous results across all brands powered by the Sportsbook Platform, and places desktop on top for devices used for fixed-odds betting.

“Our clients’ big players trust desktops more,” said Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. Although the use of mobile phones for gambling has been on the rise for recent years, players trust desktops more when getting information and when large sums are involved. Their share is three times that of mobile devices.

However, statistics change when it comes to number of bets placed: users favor mobile devices, 77.16% versus 22.64% for desktop, which is mostly used for larger bets, but less often. “The greater bet count made via mobile devices is due to the accelerating pace of life,” explained Kamenetskyi.

We see this trend and understand that mobile devices are the future, so one of our main objectives for the years to come is to make sure that the share of bets placed across mobile exceeds 80% and we aim for 100% overall,” added the executive.

Another key insight shows that, in terms of total gross gaming revenue, US Dollar is the principal currency used by punters, responsible for 61.15% of all sports betting GGR. The Euro comes in second place (30.37%) while crypto takes the third spot at 8.48%.

The top sports by GGR share ranking finds football first, followed by tennis and basketball in the third place. “This prize trio is not at all surprising for those with a long-standing interest in betting,” remarked Kamenetskyi, who describes football as “suitable for all types of betting,” including both live and pre-match.

Meanwhile, tennis offers several tournaments per week, resulting in “very detailed statistics,” which allows players to “always have enough information to analyze events.” Additionally, another attractive feature are quick points: players can bet on the winner of games, winning within a minute.

This is also present in basketball, in which players can too bet on a fast game, quickly getting wins. “What else might be of interest to professional players is the possibility to catch the bookie at a mistake more easily,” suggested the expert.

Statistics in terms of gender by bet sum and bet count resulted in line with what SOFTSWISS expected: men (73.06%) still bet more than women (12.60%), and gender-neutral players (14.34%) who chose not to indicate their gender.

At the same time, over 70% of all money spent on bets is accounted for by players who did not indicate their gender or chose to remain gender-neutral, while out of the remaining two categories, women accounted for only 3.45%, and men for 24.05%.

SOFTSWISS believes there is probably no particular reason why players do not specify their gender, perhaps seeking to play as soon as possible. “But when they get their winnings, they are willing to take some time and fill in the necessary details,” said the Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. “And even then, the gender column is not mandatory, so it is simply skipped.”

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