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September 17, 2021

Video interview with Germán Segura, general manager of Betplay Colombia

"We saw in the Copa America an opportunity to revitalize sports betting"

"We want to work with the best suppliers in the world, have several suppliers, to have the best offers so that the client can choose the variety within our offer," said Germán Segura, general manager of Corredor Empresarial de Colombia.
Colombia | 06/17/2021

The executive of the firm that manages the Betplay brand in Colombia reviewed the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the sports betting market, which was affected by the lack of competitions, and presented the Copa America 2021 that is being held in Brazil as a kick-start to normalize again the supply and demand of its products.


he general manager of the company Corredor Empresarial, Germán Segura, analyzed the situation of the Latin American sports betting and online gambling market, after a year of COVID-19 restrictions, and assured that the light is beginning to be seen at the end of the tunnel: "We manage the Betplay brand, one of the most important online betting brands in Colombia, and we have seen the Qualifiers for the Qatar Soccer World Cup 2022 and the Copa America as an opportunity to revitalize sports betting."

"The pandemic completely closed our sports leagues, and Corredor Empresarial, with Betplay, launched its new technology platform, and this was difficult for us because we were not fully prepared for the offer that the public in Colombia needed. Then we had to enter a race to put in products from casinos, slots, virtual bets, poker, to compensate for the lack of sporting events, which we did in three or four months, with a top offer and the best-integrated providers," Segura explained.

"In these days when there were matches at the South American national teams level, we saw how sports betting was leveled or stabilized a bit, especially when Colombia plays. The Copa America begins this Sunday and we really like to follow it, because we support our team, but also other teams such as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and soccer itself which we like to watch," he said.

"When soccer, the NBA, or tennis matches decrease, our income from sports betting decreases. This has taught us all that we have to have a lot of offer for the public regarding games of chance in general, and not for the sports or virtual public. A wide offer in which people can choose. Especially in Colombia, where we saw that the land-based premises were closed and that these players were looking for a way to entertain themselves in the online modality," Segura analyzed.

"In Colombia, it helped us a lot that behind Corredor Empresarial there are more than 32 companies that are in each of the departments and regions, and we also have points of sale, which should reach 135 thousand in the country. We have divided and focused our strategy on setting up our own network through Supergiros and its network, offering recharges and ensuring that anyone has to walk less than 200 meters to find where to physically recharge in our accounts. We see that the portion of online recharges is important, but the fact that we have this physical access makes it much easier for us as well as for the customer," explained Segura.

Regarding competition within the Colombian market, Segura reported that since entering the country in 2017 they have "seen the incorporation of several local companies year after year, some have closed, but others have known how to ally themselves with international strategic partners, who have helped with financial muscle and with experience and technology."

"We have always asked the regulator for official market reports because we find exploitation rights that are canceled by the operators. We must probably have a market share of approximately 47%, only in Betplay. But there is more analysis that we would like to do and we will continue to insist that Coljuegos shows us that information. This is important not only for us but for the market in general, for whoever is going to enter the market," Segura said. 

"There are many new competitors and we are pressing for them to be monitored with a magnifying glass to ensure that they are not working illegally. Since Coljuegos, through the regulations that it removed, allowed everyone to work simply by meeting certain requirements, we want everyone to comply with those requirements, and not that some continue to work illegally," claimed Segura, who assured that more control "would make competition healthier "and that they expect "more competitors" to enter Colombia's regulated market.

Watch the full video interview in Spanish below.

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