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October 19, 2021

Tamas Kusztos, Head of Sales and Account Management, Kalamba Games

"LatAm has the potential to be the next big thing"

"There are a few differences in player preferences compared to what we see in Europe but a lot of the themes, features and mechanics we offer resonate well in LatAm," Kusztos said.
Malta | 02/03/2021

Ahead of Kalamba’s participation in CasinoBeats’ Slots Festival this week, Yogonet spoke to the game supplier about its upcoming plans for Latin America, the potential in the region, and the importance of having feet on the ground when navigating unfamiliar waters.


hat potential does Kalamba see in the LatAm region?

It’s certainly a growing market that has potential to be ‘the next big thing’ if regulation is done right. Colombia has been leading the way and developed a healthy market following its introduction of a ‘European-styled’ legislation and others are now following suit. LatAm has countries with big populations that are sports mad and likely to enjoy a bet with the potential to cross-sell those players into online casinos. There is also decent mobile access in the region and combined, these are all things that the gaming industry likes. We’d suspect that a lower than average player value is also present, which is actually compatible with what’s happening in Europe in Germany and the UK for example.

How would you ensure your content appeals to the LatAm audience?

We keep a close eye on what content is currently working in the region and look to find games within our own portfolio that cater to that audience. There are a few differences in player preferences compared to what we see in Europe but a lot of the themes, features and mechanics we offer resonate well in LatAm. We have built a very strong portfolio with nearly 50 titles now and we are confident that LatAm players will appreciate our games.

How do you ensure you are successful in an emerging market where there aren’t yet any proven products or player data to utilize?

It’s fairly important as a company of our size to manage risk here so we would most likely look at the markets where there is at least some data. The Colombian market for example has been live for a few years now so we can analyze the developments there and build a structured plan from what we can already see happening. It is important to remember that LatAm is a region, and not one country, so we would have to carefully assess each market individually before deciding whether to enter.  

As a European supplier, will you be working with a partner in the country, or will you have an advisor there?

Managing risk when entering new markets is always a prudent strategy and doing the research and due diligence from far away can be tricky. Having a partner within the region or territory is certainly something we are looking at and it can really help navigate unfamiliar waters and can ensure success in the long run. We are assessing every opportunity in the LatAm region as part of our growth strategy and we are excited about the prospect that the markets offer. 

Kalamba will showcase a number of its titles during the Slots Festival on February 4, including Ducks till Dawn, Sadie Swift, Blazing Bull, Sky Hunters, Joker Max, Goblins & Gemstones, Crystal Cavern and Maui Millions. Attendees will be able to participate in competitions featuring Kalamba’s games that we will be running at the event with prizes to be won. Passes are available free of charge at the official website. 

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