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September 28, 2021

Organizers looked back on the virtual event and made an announcement for November

"GAT Virtual Expo successfully opened new spaces for commercial meetings"

The metrics of the VirtWay platform indicate that 250 avatars were trained in the academic sessions in which 30 top speakers and 7 panel moderators participated during the three days of the virtual fair.
Colombia | 10/20/2020

Last week, the first virtual version of GAT Gaming & Technology Expo took place, a third dimension event that allowed for the gathering of personalities and businessmen from the gaming industry, after months of social distancing and facing the economic crisis derived from the pandemic. Organizers also announced an upcoming event for November 10-11.

"The organization has received multiple congratulations for having achieved that, almost as in a face-to-face fair, agents and delegates felt again part of the great gaming family, gathered in the same scenario," the organizers of the GAT Virtual Expo said.

The metrics of the VirtWay platform indicate that 250 avatars were trained in the academic sessions in which 30 top speakers and 7 panel moderators participated during the three days of the virtual fair. "The website received 10,000 visits in the last 45 days," they said.

The presentations of the highest gaming regulatory authorities in Peru, Chile, and Puerto Rico were highlighted, as well as the proposals of the directors of important Latin American associations such as AIEJA from Mexico, Cornazar, Fecoljuegos y Asojuegos from Colombia and Sonaja from Peru. The coinciding theme, without a doubt, is the imperative of an articulated work between the governments and the representatives of the operators in diverse modalities.

Some testimonies show the satisfaction of the participants and the perspectives to do business in this unprecedented modality:

Juan Carlos Restrepo, President of Asojuegos, said: "I would like to congratulate José Aníbal Aguirre for the organization of this wonderful virtual event. The truth is that it is a step forward for this industry and it also shows the resilient capacity it has to adapt to very complex moments."

Dominic-Daniel Liénard, CEO of Edict Egaming, a subsidiary of Merkur, commented: "Now that we cannot travel, we are more than happy to have joined an online exhibition like this one."

Manuel San Román Benavente, General Director of Casino Games of Peru, expressed as a preamble to his presentation: "I congratulate the organization for this magnificent effort and in my particular case, I appreciate the patience they have had to teach me how to enter and move in this virtual world, which is unknown to me."

Domenico Mazzola, Commercial Director of Altenar, Silver Sponsor of the event, notes: "Colombia has proven to be one of the most successful gaming markets in recent years. That is why it is important to maintain an open space for debate like GAT Virtual Expo, which gave us the opportunity to meet a qualified public, establish new connections and generate commercial opportunities."

Estefanía Vanegas, WorldMatch Regional Manager for Latin America, Platinum Sponsor, said: "I want to thank all those who participated in GAT Virtual Expo. It was wonderful to live this first experience of virtuality in relation to the fairs and the development of meetings of the whole industry. I think it is a space that can be very fruitful."

Andres Tapia, a journalist from Games Magazine, says: "Aguirre's experiment, Second Life style, can be described as pleasant and novel (...) in the gaming and entertainment industry nobody had implemented it: to set up a virtual expo and conference using avatars that went around the exhibition hall, interacted with other attendees, attended the scheduled conferences and could even participate in a Bingo."

Thirty virtual identities representing business people and the specialized press, played and had fun with the virtual bingo that closed the event on Thursday, October 15th in the afternoon. Liliana Costa, from Clarion Gaming, stated: "I was very excited to play this bingo. Congratulations to everyone and I hope we continue to work with Totally Gaming Academy."

Message from Elizabeth Maya Cano, Executive Director of Cornazar: "On behalf of the corporation that I represent and the operators of land based games in Colombia, I want to recognize the effort of the organizers and thank them for the possibility they have given us to meet, listen to each other and strengthen us in these times of crisis. Only together will we move forward".

3A Producciones has started the planning and production of its next virtual, face-to-face and hybrid events, adapted to the current circumstances. José Aníbal Aguirre, anticipates what will be the GAT Fest 2020: "Gaming & Technology Festival 2020, will be on December 10th and 11th at the Cosmos platform, also operated by Penta Marketing. The idea is to carry out two days of 3D networking through avatars, aimed at the land-based and online gaming industry as a farewell to the year 2020 and a welcome to the Christmas and New Year's celebrations in 2021.

The first day will be dedicated to business meetings, tours of the showroom spaces and corporate talks in the auditorium. The second day will focus on the New Year's Eve party. We will have a terrace platform and a special stage with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as a beach party at night with fireworks. We will soon be sending out offers to participate and details of the same. " 

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