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June 23, 2021

The country remains at the forefront of online gambling regulations

Colombia’s gambling authority issues guidelines for remote bingo operations

Colombia’s gambling authority issues guidelines for remote bingo operations
Players will be able to follow the games remotely and safely thanks to the measures implemented by Colombian authorities.
Colombia | 09/28/2020

The administrative act defines the operations scheme of this gambling modality, which was authorized by means of Legislative Decree 808 issued in 2020, and that will come into force on December 31, 2021.


ursuant to the guidelines, the sale of cards can be carried out via in-home delivery, at the operators' retail locations, or at establishments licensed by local gambling authority Coljuegos, in accordance with each licensing agreement (gambling venues or retail locations). The sale of bingo cards via the Internet is therefore not allowed and the operator must publish a list of the retail locations authorized to sell these cards.

Operators must make available to players the relevant information to verify whether a card is authorized for a certain gaming session, the date and time the game will take place as well as the prize plan. Moreover, players must be familiar with the steps that shall be followed to access the game broadcast, the instructions on how to interact and the contact info of tech support, as well as on the prize’s delivery and terms.

The bingo card can be preprinted or players shall be able to print it using a platform authorized by the operator.

Game session’s development

Pursuant to Coljuegos’ requirements, operators must broadcast the game directly from the bingo session, allowing remote players to visualized the bingo machine, the board and the balls during the whole session as well as the screens showing information about the game, the prizes, and the winning cards.

There must also be an announcer who comments on the development of the game and a client support agent dedicated to different support channels. It is also worth noting that this scheme can be carried out simultaneously with land-based operations in authorized establishments.

Game session broadcast

The game session will be broadcast using any multimedia technology which allows for the live transmission of audio, text, and images in real time.

The broadcast must be carried out from the establishments authorized by Coljuegos in the licensing agreement (gambling venues) or from live studios; the operator must also make available to the regulator information on the broadcast sessions for the period of time providing for in the applicable regulations.


Operators must record every session as well as relevant information such as the date and time of each session. They must also register their prize plan; the list of series numbers of each of the winning cards, detailing the value of each prize, the full name of each winner, together with the winner’s ID number, telephone number, and signature.

In case there are multiple winners of one prize, this circumstance shall be expressly stated and the prize shall be divided into equal parts among the owners of the winning cards

Joint prize plan

Coljuegos determined that operators can jointly offer a prize plan, something they must communicate this to players to make sure the offer is clear to every participant.

Operation rights

Operators must make payments in accordance with the number of chairs authorized in each venue and the type of bet they offer; in every case, they must respect the minimum number of chairs outlined in section 34 of law 643 dated 2001.

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