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September 23, 2021

Video interview with Victor Arias, VP, Latin America

Pragmatic Play: "We want to offer a portfolio with gaming options for everyone"

Pragmatic Play:
"We aim to offer the largest number of titles and diversification, and to offer an option suited to everyone," Arias explained.
Argentina | 09/23/2020

Ahead of his participation in SiGMA, Víctor Arias spoke to Yogonet about the company’s work philosophy, highlighted the strategic aspect of the games based on large franchises that they will launch on the market following Peaky Blinders' debut, and said that the Latin American market has already acknowledged the need to regulate the online gaming market, which has grown exponentially in the last few months.


At Pragmatic Play, we are proud of having a wide and defined roadmap," Arias told Yogonet. "We are currently launching an average of four slot games a month. We plan to increase that number to five in October and November, and to have even more monthly releases beginning in 2021," he described.

"Our objective is to offer both operators and users a diverse portfolio. In addition to slot games, we have developed other verticals within the same technology integration, such as live casino, online bets, and a multiplayer bingo platform. We aim to offer the largest number of titles and diversification, and to offer an option suited to everyone."

"At Pragmatic Play, we develop games for every market. To us, it is important that our products are in line with the requirements in each of the jurisdictions we offer them. Every territory is different in terms of culture and the different features that users are used to. To summarize, we want to adapt our offer to each different region, having the relevant requirements in every jurisdiction always present."

After the recent launch of a franchise-based title, Peaky Blinders, Arias said this release is the first of a series of games of this type. "It has been a huge success, acceptance was great and we hope to launch more of this type of titles in the next few months," he unveiled. "Peaky Blinders is Pragmatic Play’s introduction into the branded world and we have a specific interest in remaining in this path."

When analyzing Latin America, Arias said things are moving fast in the region: "I believe Latin America will continue developing regulatory frameworks in each jurisdiction. We do not know exactly which countries will go first, but we do know recent events have resulted in an increased interest in regulating these markets."

See the full interview in Spanish here.

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