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September 27, 2021

Video interview with Alejandro Revich, CEO, End 2 End

"We are offering the best bingo multiplayer technology in the global market"

"After having positioned the company as a bingo multiplayer expert, we have finally developed our own PAM," Revich said.
Argentina | 09/07/2020

The founder and top executive of End 2 End said their product is very competitive in terms of technology on an international level. He also revealed the company’s team is thinking beyond Latin America (where its market penetration is quite successful) and announced the release of its PAM platform, aimed at providing casinos with services under a white label model.

"We have been working in the Bingo industry since 2004, so we have more than 15 years of experience in this segment. This is our fourth technology, which we developed from scratch with our philosophy of always pushing ourselves beyond our limits in mind," Alejandro Revich told Yogonet.

When discussing End 2 End's main goals, Revich said that the company’s top 1 goal was to offer a solution that works seamlessly in real time. "Multiplayer technologies’ integration to aggregators is complex, and having a high volume of simultaneous users, makes it even more challenging."

"Our second goal was to offer a parametric solution, adaptable to any type of bingo or lottery game. When it comes to bingo solutions, needs are very different since there are thousands of lottery variants and we wanted our technology to support all of them or at least, most of them."

"Thirdly, we believe that having started with an omnichannel approach has always been fundamental: our platform must be capable of supplying content across different channels. Currently, we need to be able to provide solutions for retail companies, betting shops, live casinos, and we have always aimed at creating a technology that could do that," Revich explained. "Our final goal was passing the relevant tests and being certified to provide our solutions in any jurisdiction."

"We know there are very few bingo multiplayer suppliers worldwide and some companies have even backed off from the sector, such as Microgaming, since this is a very small segment. However, at the same, it is a very interesting niche market that requires specialized platforms, so we are confident that we offer the best technology in the global market."

"When asked about potential new lines of business, End 2 End’s CEO said that they have always developed platforms, especially in the United Kingdom and for Spain. "We have worked in what is traditionally known as PAM (Player Account Manager), so we have the necessary technology structure to provide white label products to a wide range of operators," Revich explained. That is why, after having positioned the company as a bingo multiplayer expert, we have finally developed our own PAM. We are already working with some customers by offering them our casino platforms for their own brands."

"We have no geographic boundaries," Revich said when asked about where they are seeking to expand their footprint. "Clearly, Latin America has woken up, but we are organically global. A few months ago, we started providing our solutions in Australia, a market that was not in our plans since online gaming is not allowed. But we are offering a Play for Fun game with digital currency."

"In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has been a very active year for our company. We continued strengthening our presence in LatAm, we have grown in South America and expanded into Central America, with launches in Costa Rica and upcoming developments in Aruba and Bermudas. As I always say, each Latin American country has a different history and different needs," the CEO added and unveiled they are working in Brazil and Colombia with bingo and lottery games. "We are prepared to offer a high-quality product to every provider and to adapt to the needs of the different businesses and situations in each country."

Lastly, Revich said that although some aspects of the land-based experience are irreplaceable, "online gaming has always been on the increase." The number of online operators keeps growing and retails operators are beginning to expand into the online environment. Clearly, the global health crisis has served to accelerate a process that was already happening, so I do believe that we will see a faster pace than first forecasted last year," he concluded.

See the full interview in Spanish:

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