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September 16, 2021

Domenico Mazzola, Commercial Director

"At ICE, Altenar sought to be positioned as one of the top sports betting providers"

"Altenar is solid, reliable and we have the necessary experience to handle first-class projects," Mazzola said.
United Kingdom | 03/03/2020

The supplier of sports betting solutions and software has over 30 customers worldwide and hopes to take its ‘big jump’ this year. With this goal in mind, the company headed to the London trade show.


ltenar attended ICE London to present its software offering improvements, which the company will be implementing this year. Moreover, Altenar's team presented the advantages of the company's sports betting platform. "We expect 2020 to be a year of consolidation for Altenar as a sports betting software provider," Domenico Mazzola, Commercial Director, told Yogonet in an exclusive interview ahead of the trade show. Almost a month after the event, he commented: "ICE is crucial in our brand-building efforts and our strategy to establish Altnerar as one of the top sports betting suppliers."

How would you describe Altenar’s experience at ICE London 2020?

ICE remains the largest and most important trade show within the online gaming industry. We are always thrilled to attend. This year our goal was to position the company as one of the top sports betting providers. Altenar is solid, reliable and we have the necessary experience to handle first-class projects. Compared to previous years, we saw fewer visitors, but our agenda was full two weeks before the event. We met interesting potential partners —startups and well-established operators— from Latin America, Europe, and Africa. 

Have you managed to lure potential customers?

The trade show usually serves as a starting point for future business relationships. Only a few times do we come across interesting projects and we close deals in the event and it is when that happens that we are able to say that we reached our goal.

Could you mention the reasons why ICE represented a successful experience to Altenar?

The first one is that ICE is still the largest event within the industry. Therefore, our presence there is of utmost importance. Secondly, ICE also shows attendees in which directions the industry will be going and helps us to obtain a general perspective. Moreover, ICE is also essential in terms of feedback, the comments we receive enable us to evaluate the company’s work and marketing strategies and to draw our expansion plans. Of course, this show is also crucial to get in touch with the new opportunities and challenges the industry has to offer, as well as the competition and leaders. Last but not least, ICE is really important for our brand-building strategies and to help us position Altenar as one of the top sports betting providers in the industry.

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