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August 01, 2021

Interview with Alejandro Revich, CEO, End 2 End

End 2 End reports “extraordinary debut” at ICE London 2020

End 2 End reports “extraordinary debut” at ICE London 2020
"Bingo games are clearly a great complement to the rest of the online casino games, and so has been the case for many years. The surprising fact is that online and retail bingo has also become a good complement to sports betting," Revich explained.
United Kingdom | 02/24/2020

In an exclusive interview with, the company’s CEO stated that End 2 End’s online bingo platform received "overwhelmingly positive feedback" from operators and content aggregators, and explained that bingo products still have the biggest "social element" within this industry.


ould you summarize your experience at ICE 2020?

Our experience was amazing! Although we had already showcased by the end of 2018 in ICE Africa, this was our first experience as exhibitors in ICE London, which is maybe the largest and widest trade show in our industry. Our debut represented a major challenge to our team. Firstly, because End 2 End has been expanding very rapidly and secondly because we are the only providers of content from Latin America in ICE.

We showcased every version of our Bingo Multiplayer platform with many new features. ICE was also the event chosen to introduce our new Video Bingo suite, and the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. Many attendees —we could say from every continent— visited our stand with the most diverse requirements. That is why currently, offering this technology is of utmost importance, as it has reached a level of growth and flexibility that enables us to provide each one of our potential customers, solutions that are fully adapted to their needs for the online, land-based and mixed segments.

What can you tell us about the feedback received from operators, especially taking into account the overwhelming interest the online bingo segment generates among the leading European and American brands?

Feedback was amazingly positive but I would not limit that statement to operators or the online sector. For the first time ever, we have managed to create a multiplayer platform that can be completely integrated into aggregators. We have caught the eye of many land-based operators who were interested in our retail solutions, as well as the different lottery variants of our product.

This year, the company showcased a development with many innovative features. Could you list the advantages this product can provide for gaming platforms?

We have a product that is 100% web, HTML5 and responsive, so it works in any device; it can be easily integrated to any operator and aggregation platform. Moreover, it covers online, land-based and mixed operations as well as high and low-frequency gaming variants. It can be used with digital or printed tickets, always in real-time. To sum up, we have created a top-class platform that fully adapts to the operators’ needs.

Are these products appealing to the Latin American market or are they designed for Europe and the United States?

Historically, bingo has always been the “default lottery”. Then, as time went by, each region developed its own bingo variant. In Latin America and Europe, players prefer a ninety-ball bingo while in the U.S., they play the seventy-five-ball variant. The industry has made considerable progress: operators want more appealing games and players, better prizes... That is why, as solutions providers, we have to create flexible products that are able to adapt to the different versions of the same game. For example, we have a customer in the U.S. who has requested a very “unique” bingo game, which I personally have trouble calling “bingo”.

Bingo games still have major social elements attached. Have you been able to find in the segment a complement for other fast-growing verticals such as sports betting or online casinos?

Absolutely. Bingo products still have the biggest ‘social element’ within this industry: especially online bingos, which allow for interactions among players and still remain one of the most successful games.

Bingo games are clearly a great complement to the rest of the online casino games, and so has been the case for many years. The surprising fact is that online and retail bingo has also become a good complement to sports betting. The number of online operators who integrate bingo to its platforms and land-based operators who implement lottery or bingo games in betting shops keeps growing every day.

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