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March 02, 2021

Interview with Sabrina Soldà, Chief Marketing Officer, BtoBet

"Many operators are shifting their attention to new and emerging markets"

"There is no denying that the unstable regulatory situation in the more mature European market is resulting in a number of operators shifting their attention to new and emerging markets and the opportunities that they offer," Solda said.
United Kingdom | 01/29/2020

Apart from revealing that BtoBet’s focus at this year’s edition of ICE will be Neuron 3, its third-generation betting platform, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer spoke about the company’s prospects for the global gaming industry in 2020.


hat will be BtoBet's focus and highlights at ICE London 2020? What are your key expectations and goals for the show?

The focus for this year’s edition of ICE London will be the launch of Neuron 3, our third-generation betting platform. The new platform has been conceived to provide operators with the right tools to provide a player-centered betting ecosystem that will adapt to today’s players’ profiles and characteristics throughout all their lifecycle. The platform is the result of an in-depth analysis of the main necessities to compete in today’s iGaming industry, where the ability to cater for an ever more exigent player must be met in the least time-to-market.

When one takes a moment to look at the advances that the industry has made from a technological point of view to enhance the user experience, it is obvious that the iGaming industry is still lagging behind other entertainment industries. Netflix and Amazon indicate the path that the betting industry has to undertake. Today’s players expect the same standard of user experience that other sectors offer.

I wouldn’t put too much blame on the operators themselves since the vast majority – except the larger Tier 1 operators who still base their operation on legacy technology – are provided with core betting platforms that limit their freedom in developing their brand and UX in the way they deem best. The result is not only a bland betting experience but essentially each operator is a reflection of its competition.

Through Neuron 3 we want to change this perspective, allowing the operators to build a betting ecosystem and provide their players with an experience that goes beyond today’s concept of omnichannel, integrating new technology that is now considered to be the bread and butter for all players.

We are confident to say that the new platform will result in a number of benefits for the operators, who will be able to increase their target players’ lifetime value, but also for the players themselves, who will benefit from an augmented UX no matter the channel, medium or communicative platform of their liking.

However, Neuron 3’s launch will not be BtoBet’s sole purpose at ICE. Obviously we are looking forward to analyse new technological trends that may be introduced. ICE London serves as the perfect platform for all companies involved in the industry to showcase their latest technologies, and we look forward to see how the industry reacts to new technologies and how these technologies could benefit the end-user.

Could you share your prospects and outlook for the global gaming industry in 2020, regarding trends, emerging markets and technologies, new demands and player generations, challenges, and opportunities? What are your strategies and approach in that sense?

There is no denying that the unstable regulatory situation in the more mature European market is resulting in a number of operators shifting their attention to new and emerging markets and the opportunities that they offer. Throughout 2019 this interest manifested itself mainly in the US. And I dare say that this trend will maintain its momentum throughout this year as well, even though the local industry is still regulated on a state-by-state basis.

Things look much more favorable for the emerging markets such as Latin America and Africa. With more countries introducing strong regulatory frameworks, the trend for an exponential growth in these regions is set to continue.The situation is further aided by the ever ameliorating situation in the regions’ technological infrastructure. Operators are now in a position to focus more on developing their user experience, allowing them to distinguish themselves from the competition.

On a different note, apart the usual jurisdictional matters that always place high on the industry’s agenda, I also believe that data analysis and management will also be a particularly strong topic, with this yet fully untapped asset having the possibility to provide operators with a unique opportunity to truly reap the benefits from the local context in which they are operating.


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