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September 19, 2021

Which is the best alternative to provide users an exceptional playing experience?

TVBET sets out the main differences between live games and slots

TVBET sets out the main differences between live games and slots
"live dealer games are a step in the evolution of online casinos, while online slots provide a more well-known and habitual experience," TVBET says.
Cyprus | 12/03/2019

The global live games provider has released an article that analyzes the main differences between slots and live games, and aims to provide answers to the question: “Which is the best alternative to offer an exceptional playing experience to users?” 

Live Games VS Slots - by TVBET

The popularity of online casinos has been growing since the mid-90s and today attracts more players than ever before. The gambling industry has come a long way and although it is not yet fully mature, it is on the right track. Technological development has also contributed to the rise in popularity with more interesting games and features. Later on, live games stepped in feeding the need for more engagement.

In this article, we’ll look into what is the critical difference between slots and live games and will try to answer the question of what a better choice is to provide an outstanding user experience.

  • People VS Algorithms

This is the first and foremost distinction between live games and online slots. No more algorithms, random number generators, other programs. Nothing is prerecorded. Everything is happening right now with actual people. In most cases on the other side of the screen there work lovely girls who, despite all their charm, are experienced dealers as in a real institution. They will support the conversation, answer the questions, and easily carry out even the most difficult hand-outs. 

Where does the broadcast take place? The location may vary from special rooms in offline casinos to special comfortably organized offices with the interior style of a gambling house. And the second option is faк more common, which leads us to the second difference.

  • Atmosphere 

There may be various reasons to try luck in live games, starting from basic boredom and money-making motifs and ending with a need for communication and love for the special gambling atmosphere. The trouble is that not every city has a casino, and it is not always accessible, even if there is one. Please don’t forget about the dress code, entrance fee, transport difficulties, incompatibility with the schedule of work, etc. 

The peculiarity of simple online casinos is that they are yes - gambling, but not atmospheric. Some games simply lose their charm in even the most thoughtful online versions, like baccarat, for example. While playing with live dealers gives the participants a colossal emotional breakthrough. All you need is internet access and you can dive into the atmosphere of a real gambling house: close to real experience, trusting atmosphere and a great time.

  • Integrity

The way the whole process of live games is organized brings one more advantage in the bag of live games. And we are talking about the truthfulness of the gambling house. The whole concept of live games basically presupposes 100 percent opacity, twists and turns of the results, fly and lie is simply stupid, while online slots can’t promise you much, you are playing at your own risks. The whole live game is held under non-stop control of cameras and sensors. Moreover, it's even easier to follow the process than in offline casinos, as there are no distracting factors, such as gambling noise, sitting at nearby tables, smell, music. One can follow the roulette ball and the cards on the board closely in HD quality. No online institution can provide as much integrity as live games.

  • Game pace

At this criterion, there is no clear winner. If the player prefers a fast pace of the game, games with a live dealer can drive him into boredom. Yes, individual gambling houses speed up the process by reducing the time per bet, but in any case, this game is part of the action of a live dealer. At the same time, slots allow you to pick your own tempo and choose the most suitable table or have no waiting at all.

  • General experience

Another difference in live games from the usual online casino that they give you the possibility to use your mind at its full potential. Live games have all the strategies that are applicable in live casinos, like the card account, for example. This is why you can meet professionals at the tables of live games. At the same time, it is not necessary to discard the human factor: on the other side there is not a machine, but a real person, and therefore purely theoretically they get tired, make mistakes, repeat themselves, which can be used by attentive players. There is no clear knowledge of how much it contributes to your winning results, though on forums it is not rare to talk about higher chances in live versions of favorite games. In the meantime, slots leave you to play relying only on your own skill and hope, which still can be fun.

  • Choice of games

Obviously, being on the market far longer slots may provide a bigger diversity of game experience, while live games at the moment are still getting into it. But don’t rush with conclusions. Being relatively fresh, live game companies are eager to experiment and bring on the table completely new games. Instead of sticking to the expectations and old way of things they elevate the whole concept of online gambling. Like TVBET, which brings more and more new games, like BackgammonBet or Lucky6. All the list of exclusive live games is available for review on its Demo section.

Online gambling is on the rise, which is proved by the growing numbers and rapidly growing market. In some way, live dealer games are a step in the evolution of online casinos, while online slots provide a more well-known and habitual experience. And TVBET is at the forefront of online gambling embodying the main advantages of the industry.

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