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September 20, 2021

Interview with Magnus Olsson, Global Head of Sales at Play'n GO

"Quality has the last saying in everything Play'n GO does"

"We said we were going to launch 40 games in 2019, which represent more than 50% growth year-over-year from 2018, so we are super proud we are on track on doing that," Olsson said.
Argentina | 12/03/2019

During the latest edition of SAGSE in Buenos Aires, the Global Head of Sales of the company spoke with Yogonet about their accomplishments in 2019 as well as plans for next year. Magnus Olsson also delved into the importance of the Latin American region for Play'n GO: "We have signed up customers in Colombia, Mexico, and other places. our expansion in the region has been moving better than expected," he said.


hat products have you been showcasing here at SAGSE and what has been the reception like so far?

Aside from our complete portfolio of over 150 award-winning games, this year, we are especially proud because we have launched four new video bingo games and they have been developed together with our Latin American partner. They are aimed and designed for the LatAm gamer, so we are super happy to have those games here. We are also showing our new leaderboard function, which is a major development for us, as it has capabilities that few other suppliers offer.

Could you delve into Play'n GO highlights in 2019 and plans for 2020?

We had very ambitious plans in 2019. We said we were going to launch 40 games, which represent more than 50% growth year-over-year from 2018, so we are super proud we are on track on doing that: we are going to launch 40 high-quality games. We had one game in May, 'Contact', which was our first game with 3d technology. It was very well received so we plan to do more of that. We have also worked very hard throughout the year on developing the leaderboards and it turned out better than we could’ve expected, so we are very proud of that too. We think it is going to make a big difference for our customers. As regards our expansion in Latin America, we have signed up customers in Colombia, Mexico, and other places. That has been moving better than expected as well so we have many things to be happy about and proud about.

There are many countries in the region that have been going through severe economic and political crises. What are your strategies to overcome the difficulties posed by the Latin American market?

We have to act in the environment that exists of course. If there is a regulated market, if there is a regulation, that is always our preferred market. We know that Play'n GO functions very well in regulated markets. When it comes to political situations, that is really out of our control. All we can do is watch and make the decisions that we are allowed to by regulators. The important thing to remember is that we are here for the long run. So if there is something that we cannot do this year, hopefully, we will be able to do it next year. I am a strong believer in partnership and when you are a good partner, you are one even in bad times.

Play'n GO was one of the first online gaming developers to move to the mobile arena. How do manage to remain at the forefront of the industry?

We gather the company around our core values: Trust, Energy, and Quality. We let those values drive everything we do. Trust is how we deal with our partners, our customers, and employees. We want them to trust our company and vice-versa. As regards Energy, we have launched 40 games this year, we plan 52 games for next year, and who knows what we are going to do in 2021. When we go into a market like LatAm, we go in with everything we have, we do not do anything in halves, because we have that high energy level in everything we do. And of course, we offer Quality. If we have a game that we believe might not have the quality that we want, we won't release it. So quality has the last saying in everything we do. The leaderboard has been under development for a long time. A lot of us, including me, wanted to get it out earlier but product development was very firm. We have to have the right quality, we are not releasing a product that is not in the standards where we want it to be.

We also have a fundamental understanding that we can never stand still. If you, stand still you are dead, you have to move, you have to develop. what was good last year is not good enough this year. It is hard work, but it is also fun.

Which jurisdictions do you believe currently offer the most opportunities for growth?

In terms of markets, in Europe of course, regulation is becoming the standard. We now see Eastern Europe countries like Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, have begun to enact regulations. We see regulation moving to the east and also to LatAm, and that is going to continue. Every time a market is regulated we will probably go in, is only a question of time. Right now, we are assessing the eastern European markets, and basically deciding on our priorities, where we start. It will happen. I keep an eye on India as well. It is a big country. Right now, the payment situation in India makes it impossible for us and also the regulation is not there yet but as soon as it is possible, India will be an amazing market for not only us but everybody. Finally, I would say that Japan is always interesting. It looks that it is slowly moving with the integrated resorts now, so maybe in two years. I'm curious to see what is going to happen in Japan.

What other events industry-related events are you planning to attend in the upcoming months?

I am going straight from here to SiGMA in Malta. Then, we have people participating in a couple of smaller events in different parts of the world. Then, of course, we are also attending ICE in London. Finally, we plan to be back in LatAm with a big presence again at GAT in Cartagena de Indias in April.

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