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June 22, 2021

Interview with Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET

"In Argentina, every fifth person is a potential client for bookmakers and casinos"

"Here at TVBET we all fell that the Latin American is really excited to meet our live lottery games, so we are optimistic about our participation at SAGSE," says TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko.
Argentina | 11/13/2019

Speaking to Yogonet ahead of TVBET participation at SAGSE, its 2nd LatAm exhibition, the executive anticipates the firm already started the construction of a new studio in LatAm, with the product to be introduced "in several months." He says it is necessary to identify differences and similarities of players in Latin America, and believes hardly anyone understands how games integration can solve their growth problems.


hat can you tell us about the products you're planning to unleash at SAGSE?

For the last three months, we launched three new games and we want to show it to our potential clients. 1BET is a fundamentally new, very simple and fast LIVE-game, also known as Bingo37. The next one, Lucky6 is a well-known classic game where players are invited to guess 6 of the 48 balls. The sooner the sixth ball will be drawn, the greater will be the player’s revenue. The last last but not the least, BackgammonBet —the ancient and extremely popular game with Asians and Middle East countries. For only three years we’ve released many more games than any other provider does, let alone technical superiority of TVBET live-games. It’s the second exhibition in the Latin market for us, so we are planning to loudly announce ourselves, in order to increase the brand awareness across the LatAm market. Besides, we are looking for more partners from online gaming and sports betting area that are interested in their stable growth.

What can both operators and players alike expect to see from you in terms of product development?

Unlike the competitors, all our games are equipped with the attraction and retention tools as jackpots, bonuses, promo codes, cashback and free bets. Our analytics show that such kind of marketing promotion leads to dramatically increase operators’ GGR. We know how to promote our games on our partners’ platforms without wasting the time and energy of their employees. It’s the marketing team of TVBET that can offer the necessary list of activities for stable growth.

Which jurisdictions do you feel currently offer the most potential for gaming growth?

The growth and development of gaming business is possible when companies can receive the competitive licensing fees and favourable tax rates as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that many gambling sites are currently licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, etc. Which is why it is necessary to create a transparent business environment for every market participant.

What discussions should drive next year’s agenda? Where will the focus be?

Everyone should work with the audience insights more. It is necessary to identify differences and similarities of players in Latin America. General information is not sufficient to clarify their needs. We at TVBET are well aware of the audience here, as our growth rates demonstrate. Besides, it is crucial for every bookmaker or a casino to understand how they can stand out from the crowd of competitors. That’s why our team will be presenting our live-games integration for the event participants. Hardly anyone understands how games integration can solve their growth problems, while figures of our partners show that TVBET games have 25-30% share in the total number of their bets. 

What is going to be your strategy this year to out-perform competitors and grow your market share?

Regarding the Latin American market, the main demands are quality and flexibility. Here, for one of our key partners we already started the construction of a new studio and in several months this market will see a unique product with extremely high interest from players. The only problem we had faced was the English speaking support team, not ready to provide its services in Spanish, but we’ve already fixed it. Thus, we created a dedicated Spanish support team that is going to help our clients with the integration processes and further marketing support. Along with the constant product development, the provision of quality service shall help us to satisfy the demanding audience.

In your opinion, which will be the most prominent topics to be debated in the aisles at SAGSE and off the show floor?

The public attention will be mainly focused on the issues of online gaming regulation in Argentina. Because this is the basis for every business unit here. It would be interesting to hear the experts' views on this matter.

Are you planning to attend any other industry-related events soon?

As part of our expansion strategy, this November TVBET team will be attending Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) in Sofia, Bulgaria and SiGMA Malta. Currently, we’re promoting our products in five regions: Europe, CIS, Asia, LatAm and Africa, which is why it’s highly important to attain a global presence there too.

What are your expectations and plans for Argentina, and broadly speaking, LatAm?

The Latin American market is very attractive for our ambitious company. We made some research about its trade volumes and growth, so we are confident that we have lots of work to do there. We already have partners in these regions and we know that TVBET games are very popular here. And in the case of Argentina, we know that every fifth person is a potential client for bookmakers and casinos. It’s almost 9 million people audience, who love betting and enjoy spending their time in betting shops. We see such great potential there because of our land-based and mobile solutions. We have a deep understanding of the player’s needs and know how to make them really happy, which is why we will show to LatAm operators the new product that offers unique gaming experience for players. Here at TVBET we all fell that the Latin American is really excited to meet our live lottery games, so we are optimistic about our participation at SAGSE.

Could you summarize the company’s accomplishments in 2019 as well as plans for 2020?

In 2019 we’ve had more than 45 integrations of TVBET games with our partners, our team has grown to 150 people with the offices situated in four countries. There are 11 technologically advanced games in our list, and it is only just beginning. Next year we plan to produce seven more games. It is important to note that we are not taking care of the quantity, our main goal is to provide players with the unique gaming experience. We are strong in our ambitions aiming at global gaming market.

TVBET live-games will be presented at booth 316 during the SAGSE event.

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