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September 22, 2021

Johnny Ortiz Viveiros, Founder of Zitro

"Zitro's showcase at G2E this year will be the largest ever"

"At G2E, we will debut not only one, but two new cabinets as well as multiple new games," Zitro's founder said.
United States | 10/07/2019

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Ortiz Viveiros spoke about his expectations for G2E Las Vegas' upcoming edition. He also shared the company's achievements within the last few months, their expansion plans and the main features of the new products Zitro will be debuting at the show.


hat does G2E mean for Zitro?

G2E Las Vegas is one of the biggest gaming trade shows in the world, which enables us to introduce our latest innovations to a large number of companies and key players within the industry. Our goal has always been to be positioned as global leaders and we are sure that our wide range of products and services for casinos and gaming venues worldwide will help us achieve it soon, we are getting really close to that.

Which products are you planning to exhibit this year? Which innovations will take center stage at your booth?

Our showcase this year will be our largest yet. We will debut not only one, but two new cabinets as well as multiple new games. We will showcase ILLUSION, a portrait-type cabinet that incorporates an impressive 43-inch Ultra HD curved monitor, a 21.5-inch digital topper, as well as the ‘SmartDeck’ digital button panel. Illusion will be launched on the market with ‘Bashiba’, a multi-game that combines a Link Bonus, inspired by the mechanics of Link King, with a ‘243 ways’ mathematical model. Bashiba Link has been designed with an attractive Chinese theme that, thanks to its graphics and sounds, creates an unprecedented experience on Illusion. The second cabinet we will be exhibiting is Allure. This amazing cabinet includes three 27-inch Full HD screens, as well as the state-of-the-art SmartDeck digital button panel. In addition, Allure has ‘SynchroScreens’, a powerful multimedia system integrated by the superior monitors that create an incredibly immersive experience. Allure will be launched with three sensational new games. Within the ’88 Link’ family, two different games are going to be released: ’88 Link Lucky Charms’ and ’88 Link Wild Duels’. Both games combine, for the first time in history, the proven ‘243 ways’ game mechanic with the fantastic ‘Link Bonus’ by Bryke. Zitro will also present ’88 Link Shock ‘, which brings together the successful ’88 Link’ game and the exciting mystery prize ‘Link Shock’, which has revolutionized all the casinos in which it has been installed. Visitors will also be able to see Fusion, in its slant and upright version, these world stars of the Bryke brand with more games available, as well as the huge library of individual multigames and LAP products that includes brands such as ‘Pick & Win 24’, ‘Smart Spins’, ‘Hot Deal’, ‘Hit Me Up!’,’Link Shock’,’Blazing Pearls’,’Guns & Gold’, and ’88 Shock’."

How would you describe Zitro's presence in North America?

The North American market is a very appealing one to us due to its size and potential to install machines, especial Bryke Video Slots. We are currently undergoing a profound expansion process on a global level, so we need to prioritize the entry to any new market in a very meticulous way, so we can expand with a clear strategy and solid infrastructure that enable us to offer top quality customer services, a feature that by the way, has always made us stand out from our competitors and we are always working hard to maintain. That is why, in the United States, we are doing things in a progressive way. We have installed our first banks a few months ago in Florida and everything has been working smoothly so far, so we are hoping to continue expanding our footprint and obtain a large market share in 2020.

Which features of the Bryke range stand out from your competitors' products?

All of our Bryke titles are multigames a feature that has made us stand out from competitors since the beginning. That is why Link King, Link Me and Link Shock have so successful on a global level. The Bryke range also stands out because of the high-quality levels of image and sound it features. The mathematics of each game also works as a decisive factor which I am sure will help Zitro increase its growth level.

Which expansion strategies are you planning to develop in the rest of the year and in 2020?

As I have already mentioned, we are currently going through a big expansion process, expanding our footprint into new markets and consolidating our presences in markets where we already have a solid presence, Countries like Mexico, Spanish and the Latin American region in general, where we have already placed our Video Bingo products, have allowed us to double our number of machines installed. In other parts of the world, we are new players in the market so we are working to position our selves with products such as Link King or Link Me. Our strategies change depending on the market and the product, but broadly speaking, we aim to continue growing and turning Zitro into a global leader in the gambling industry.

Which was Zitro's greatest achievement in 2019?

We offer the best video slots in the market: Link King, Link Me and Link Shock. At G2E we will be introducing two new cabinets, Illusion and Allure, which have been imagined, designed and executed at a record time to meet the standards of our industry, together with games such as Bashiba, 88 Link Wild Duels and Lucky Charms, and 88 Link Shock. And these achievements were accomplished in the last few months. Anyway, it would be unfair to try to decide which was the greatest achievement, as we have been experiencing success for a very long time. I feel really blessed to be part of the greatest team in the world.

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