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September 22, 2021

Lorenzo Caci, Sportradar’s Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

"As emerging markets, both the US and LatAm are key growth areas for Sportradar"

"What we’ve seen in the US, in particular, is that those states that were first to embrace legalized online and mobile sports betting have seen the most growth," Lorenzo Caci explained.
United States | 10/03/2019

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Sportradar’s Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships delved into some of the most prominent topics that will be discussed at this year’s G2E in Las Vegas, which include sports betting opportunities in the U.S. and Latin America.


hat can visitors expect to see from Sportradar in terms of product development at G2E this year?

Ultimately, as the world's leading provider of sports betting and data services, we want to provide everything operators, large and small, need to establish and manage a successful sportsbook, no matter where they are in the world. We are constantly enhancing our products and services based on the latest innovations and client feedback from shows like G2E Las Vegas. For emerging markets in particular, like the US and Latin America, we always look forward to showcasing everything from the basics, with our market leading odds, to our signature all-in-one trading and risk management solution, Managed Trading Services (MTS). MTS is a fully customizable solution that can help operators establish a sportsbook from scratch or select the services they need at whatever level required to help protect and grow their business.

Which jurisdictions do you feel currently offer the most potential for gaming growth?

What we’ve seen in the US in particular is that those states that were first to embrace legalised online and mobile sports betting have seen the most growth. This is for a variety of reasons,namely advancements in technology, which have increased engagement, enabling fans to get closer to the action. Some still may be somewhat tentative about online and mobile betting, but,again, it is proving to be the area where there is most potential for gaming growth. Ultimately, for legislators and operators alike, it’s about working collaboratively with sports data and integrity services providers to ensure the legalised market leverages opportunities whilst protecting from integrity threats. 

In your opinion, which will be the most prominent topics to be debated in the aisles at G2E and off the show floor?

I think some of the most popular topics explored will be about how to embrace the US market and what opportunities are on offer both now and in the future. A lot of this discussion will again depend on the various state regulations and legislation. And of course, which states will legalise next, when and how. With almost two decades in the industry worldwide we have developed the knowledge, technology and expertise to be able to provide all the information and tools required, especially for those in emerging markets. We’re looking forward to be able sharing this with audiences at G2E Las Vegas. 

Now that it has been more than a year since the U.S. Supreme Court paved the way for legal sports betting on a federal level, what is your assessment of the current state of this market in the U.S.? What was the impact this new regulated scenario had on your company, and what are your expectations for the future in the U.S. as well as other jurisdictions?

Since the repeal of PASPA, we’ve seen a number of big conglomerates across the sports and betting world come together to leverage from the prospects that a newly legalized betting market can provide. And this is likely to continue. The process to get a license for operators in the US is quite comprehensive, which, together with the rate at which the states have enacted legislation, has slowed the realization of opportunities somewhat. Despite this, again, we have already seen the growth of betting, especially online, across many states. And given the stats-centric and technologically-driven nature of US sports, it undoubtedly lends itself well to legalized betting. This is both from a commercial and integrity perspective. Like Latin America, sport is extremely popular too. As emerging markets, both the US and Latin America are key growth areas for us. We have been operating in the US market for years already with our official data deals and continue to expand our operations with clients and partners both there and across Latin America to help them steer their way through the new landscape in the best way possible.

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