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September 22, 2021

Misty Rodda, Business Development Manager, The Americas

"All of Abbiati's products can be adapted for the US market"

"G2E is a very important show for our Americas based market, and continuing to expand into this geographic area is a very important objective for Abbiati," says Misty Rodda.
United States | 10/02/2019

At the upcoming G2E Las Vegas, the company will highlight its illuminated “Petal” table or the 25th London, and its key product Roulette - 18. Rodda provides insights into the new security technologies Abbiati offers in its casino currency products, giving more control to operators over chip and plaques movements.


hat will be Abbiati’s focus and highlights at G2E Las Vegas 2019? How will your strategies to approach the markets will be reflected during the event? 

This year we will be bringing classic new tables made from solid mahogany, prestigious ebony and featuring high end finishing that Abbiati is known for. We will also be featuring our illuminated “Petal” table, called the 25th London, that is one of a kind and something that should be seen in person to appreciate its uniqueness. We will also display our key product Roulette - 18 developed by game inventor Stephen Au-Yeung and worldwide distributed by Abbiati. It’s a roulette variant played using a standard 38-slot roulette wheel where there are two copies of each of the numbers from 0 to 18. This product was very appreciated at the ICE show in London and at the G2E in Macau too. G2E is a very important show for our Americas based market, and continuing to expand into this geographic area is a very important objective for Abbiati.

Could you share your key expectations for the show, regarding volume of visits, feedback, new deals, networking, partnerships, etc.? What does G2E mean for you as a company this year in particular, with a new edition of G2E’s Innovation Lab? 

G2E is always a strong show for us and this year should be even better than ever with all of the new casinos planned in the Americas. In addition to attending to our current clients, we look to add additional clients to our Americas portfolio. The G2E is also important for the corporate relationship: in fact, the contacts and the meetings made in Las Vegas are usually very useful for future partnerships.

What further insights could you provide about your customizable new security technologies included in your casino currency products? What does the new RFID technology ‘PJM Perfect Pay’ bring to the market? What about your tables, specially Abbiati’s American Roulette 18 and Mini Punto Banco Baccarat? 

The WDTS Perfect Counter by PJM 3.0 application displays the count and value of chips read on a user’s desktop when chips are placed on a connected antenna. Abbiati’s Casino currency integrated PJM and RFID tag gives the operator total control over all chip movements through the Casino. The chips and plaques are recorded in real time allowing the operator to have total visibility and information with the advantage of security that the chips being played are authorized. The major casinos cannot avoid considering that this new security technology can be integrated with all Abbiati chips and plaques and it can be combined with further security features, such as hologram, 3-in-1 UV sensitive colors, Laser Tracer technology, and Optical Variable Inks just to name a few. If RFID is synonymous with security, Abbiati’s Roulette - 18 is a byword for innovation; this table is really appreciated due to the Abbiati elegance in the manufacture and the details, the same as Mini Punto Banco Baccarat table, featured with an elegant lighting system on the table bases. Both tables are manufactured with fine and state-of-the-art materials.

Do you have products specifically designed for the United States? Which criteria do you adopt in that sense? 

All of our products can be adapted for the US market. We have a large customer base in the Americas for our Hybrid Chips, roulette wheels, Roulette Displays and of course our layouts. Our tables can be customized to fit any market while offering the quality that is expected in an Abbiati product.

Could you detail your current presence in the US, and your prospects for the country?

We have business in California, Oklahoma, Florida and Puerto Rico. We also have a very strong presence in the Caribbean, including Aruba, Antigua, Turks and Caicos, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Dominican Republic and in Mexico as well. We are also working with the major USA cruises like Carnival and NCL, to name a few.

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