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September 22, 2021

Interview with Irina Rusimova, Business Development Manager at EGT Interactive

"At G2E, we will show a brand-new product in our portfolio: Egypt Quest"

"The synergy with the land-based and the direct transition from the offline casino floor to the online “On the go” play, is one of our main competitive advantages," Irina Rusimova tells Yogonet.
United States | 10/02/2019

Egypt Quest bonus game includes six titles: Rise of Ra, Burning Hot, 20 Super Hot, Halloween, Circus Brilliant and Egypt Sky. Rusimova also remarks the introduction of new titles from the company's "Hot series," which will also inspire its stand design in Las Vegas. EGT Interactive is now focused on the newly regulated markets in Europe, with Sweden, Italy and Switzerland coming in the next months.


hat will be EGT Interactive’s focus and highlights at G2E Las Vegas 2019? What will be the main novelties as compared to previous editions? 

At G2E we will stay true to our core principles and the main trends in our portfolio and will continue introducing new titles from our most successful fruit series or the so called “Hot series”. In addition, we will show a brand new product in our portfolio - a distinctive bonus game with a four-level bonus feature – Egypt Quest. We are extremely excited about it as it has been one of the most successful games in the land-based which makes it known to our fan base and it is also a direct example of our greatest competitive advantage – the synergy we have with our land-based operations. Egypt Quest differs from the familiar system with four levels of mystery Jackpot cards with a couple of features that add up to the new and truly different iGaming experience. High hit and retention rate, simple and user-friendly gameplay, plus two levels of winnings are just some of the benefits that users should look forward to. Another novelty is that a batch of six games participate in the Egypt Quest bonus game: Rise of Ra, Burning Hot, 20 Super Hot, Halloween, Circus Brilliant and Egypt Sky. They are familiar to the audience, but are now placed in a separate portal, so the players should have in mind that they are different games from the already known titles. 

How will your strategies to approach the markets and draw new generations of players be reflected during the event? 

Currently we have concentrated on the newly regulated markets in Europe. This year we have successfully launched our games in several brand-new markets such as Hungary and Spain. We have also completed the certification and expecting to present our games to the players in Sweden, Italy and Switzerland in the next months. We believe that the type of games we provide have one special characteristic – a traditional and classical look, which directly corresponds to the players and we are eager to stay true to our principles and to the expectations of our players. 

Could you share your key expectations for the show, regarding volume of visits, feedback, new deals, networking, partnerships, etc.? What does G2E mean for you as a company this year in particular, with a new edition of G2E’s Innovation Lab? 

For us G2E is a great event, and although the US is not one of our markets of operation, it still remains one of the most important trade shows in the field, attracting professionals from each segment of the casino industry, what is more, our previous experience from the show was definitely positive, being able to meet many current and potential partners face to face. As a whole, it is important for us to take a stand and show our presence at the event. With regards to the topics that we expect - how to attract the new millennials or the so-called generation Z, is something that we start hearing more and more these days and it is connected with the expected changes in players’ preferences and how we – content providers and operators – can keep up with them. Of course, responsible gaming, player protection and newly regulated markets will always remain important topics which I am quite sure that will be a point of discussion as well. 

Will you attend and/or organize parallel activities during that week? What can we expect from your stand design? 

This year we аre following one, consistent visual concept of the stands. It is based on one of the most successful categories from our portfolio – HOT games. Thus, we keep high levels of entertainment and awareness too. We try to be interesting and different every time. So now it’s going to be the same. Fabulous and interactive stand accompanied with a lot of entertainment. 

What further insights could you provide about your HOT and Burning category? How can these products make you stand out from competition? 

The Hot series is one of our most known and most successful categories. It is emblematic for EGT’s portfolio with its proven mathematics, working engine and great graphics. Being one of the most successful and prominent categories is the reason that we keep adding new games in the same category. Our slots have this classical and traditional signature that has shaped us as a known provider of casino games and they are attracting the real players. The synergy with the land-based and the direct transition from the offline casino floor to the online “On the go” play, is one of our main competitive advantages, thus we stay true to our core identity and to the preferences to our fan base in continuing the most successful line of our portfolio.

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