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September 22, 2021

Serge Vardanyan, Founder & CEO of WIN

"We are eager to communicate to potential partners at G2E WIN’s success in 2019"

"We’re currently targeting European betting markets, though we’re certainly open to entering the space in the United States as regulations continue to work their way through legislation," Serge Vardanyan said.
United States | 09/13/2019

In an exclusive with Yogonet, the Founder & CEO of WIN spoke about his expectations for the upcoming show in Las Vegas, as well as his view on the eSports market.


hat will be WIN’s focus and highlights at G2E 2019? How will your strategies to approach the markets and draw new generations of players be reflected during the event?

As a native of the esports industry, WIN is always looking for opportunities to promote esports and the role that we play in it. We’re eager to communicate to potential partners our own success in the year 2019 as well as the continued growth of the esports market as a whole.

Our commitment to healthy growth and our native understanding of the esports landscape translate not only to partners, but also to new and potential players, and it is those things that we hope will convince new players to take a close look at our product offerings.

Could you share your key expectations for the show, regarding volume of visits, feedback, new deals, networking, partnerships, etc.?

We love talking esports. We’re looking to engage and interact with attending companies and individuals alike who are interested in discussing the esports marketplace and potential opportunities to work together towards reaping the benefits of that market’s continued growth.

What does G2E mean for you as a company this year in particular, with a new edition of G2E’s Innovation Lab, the Sports Betting Symposium, and just a few weeks after CEC Vegas? What learnings and takeaways could you acquire there, and possibly take to, or boost at G2E?

The Sports Betting Symposium is a great example of the new opportunities that continue to arise, both in broad gaming markets and in esports in particular. Our product has been built from the ground up to promote esports markets and benefit users with an interest in esports, and we’ll be looking both to discuss the strengths of our own upcoming platform and to learn more about what others are doing in the space that might benefit our users.

Which are the main topics or upcoming trends of the industry you think will or should prevail during the event, and what contributions could this event bring to the eSports industry?

There’s likely to be discussion around the ongoing efforts to further regulating sports betting in the United States, and we’re certainly interested in that discussion as are many other involved parties in the industry.

We believe that any discussion that involves both the gaming and esports industries carries with it great potential, so long as those involved approach the discussion with a real understanding of the space. We hope to bring that legitimate knowledge and understanding with us and to engender positive discussions around it.

Will you attend and/or organize academic or any special activities during that week?

We have our eyes on some of the panels and organized discussions that will be a part of G2E this year. There will be some discussion of the esports marketplace and the role of betting within it, both of which are certainly very important topics to us.

There will be the talk around the ongoing legislative regulations in sports betting here in the United States, which is another clear area of interest for us.

Lastly, there will be multiple tracks of the discussion centered around digital marketing and advertising. How ads work best in the app space, how advertisers can best work with consumer protection regulations, etc. We’re looking forward to taking part in each of these conversations, contributing what we can, and learning all that we’re able to.

Could you detail your current presence and prospects for the fast-growing and competitive US market and audiences? What are your expectations in terms of market share in the short and long term?

We’re currently targeting European betting markets, though we’re certainly open to entering the space in the United States as regulations continue to work their way through legislation. We hope to be serving American bettors in the years to come.

We’re well underway in our preparations for the launch of the platform. As it is built wholly for use by esports enthusiasts, we anticipate a great response. Users can watch games and streams from within the platform and will generally find that our service has been tailored to the needs of competitive gaming fans.

We’re also able to draw upon resources from other parts of the company, most notably the powerful reach and original content on the platform, which could be of great use in communicating to users the strengths and efficacy of

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