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Innovative Technology takes its latest products to ACOS 2019

Innovative Technology takes its latest products to ACOS 2019
At booth # 1 the company will also show operators how they can access remote currency updates with ReelPay & Live Collect.
United Kingdom | 09/03/2019

In the event that will be held at Olympia London, the company will present its products, among which the ICU age verification device and Spectral technology will stand out.


nnovative Technology will showcase their ICU age verification device and demonstrate their Spectral technology to the industry at the Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS) 2019.

Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager said, "We are looking forward to showing ACOS visitors our new automated age verification unit, ICU. Offering instant age verification it can help combat underage gambling and assist premises and operators to comply with gambling restrictions and regulations. Underage gambling is a real social issue. A recent UK survey by the Gambling Commission found that a massive 89% of UK pubs failed to prevent children from accessing 18+ gaming machines. ICU boasts a high level of accuracy with a proven 96% success rate in detecting under 18’s and outperforms humans across all age ranges. It’s instant and does not require customer pre-registration or human intervention – providing a seamless service for the end user. We plan to show visitors some clever, unreleased features that will benefit gaming significantly, so make sure you come and see ICU in action on stand 1".

Andy continued, "As the NV9 Spectral gains more traction in the UK market, our customers can expand its capabilities by adding on a compatible note float module, NV11 Spectral. We welcome ACOS visitors to the stand to demo how this fast and secure recycler reduces float levels, downtime and coin starvation".

For high volume applications requiring multi-denomination recycling, Innovative have designed the Spectral Payout which offers the industry secure, mixed denomination recycling as well as large storage capabilities. This unit offers 80 note mixed denomination recycling and can store all denominations from a given currency at a fast speed and with a high level of security. "Security is always a key focus for our customers. The use of Spectral technology in the NV11 Spectral and Spectral Payout units offer exceptional protection against fraudulent and stained notes and full spectral imaging sensors validates the authenticity of notes", he added.

Concluding Andy said, "Ahead of the introduction of the new £20 polymer in 2020 will we be showing operators how they can access remote currency updates with ReelPay & Live Collect. A mobile app which allows players to transfer funds to any enabled gaming machine quickly and safely, Reelpay offers convenient payment for players while Live Collect revolutionises collection routines and optimises machine utilisation for operators, including the ability to push out remote currency updates across all machines".

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