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August 19, 2019

With speeches delivered by founders Alex Igelman and Michael Pollock

Spectrum Esports Advisors to address gaming conferences nationwide in 2019

Spectrum Esports Advisors to address gaming conferences nationwide in 2019
Igelman, an esports pioneer will be speaking at Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention, ICE North America, East Coast Gaming Congress and Casino eSports Conference.
United States | 03/19/2019

The organization, which combines industry thought leaders in esports and casino gaming, will be addressing a variety of audiences in 2019, as the casino and esports industries continue to converge.


pectrum Esports Advisors (SeA), formed in 2018, has taken on a leading role in identifying opportunities, as well as regulatory and other challenges that operators in these sectors must confront.

SeA co-founder Alex Igelman, North America's premier esports entrepreneur, is in high demand at such events, particularly as interest in this emerging form of gaming grows. Igelman, executive chairman and founder of Millennial Esports Corp. has already raised more than $25 million in capital for Millennial, and invested in cutting-edge esports properties and technologies, including mobile developer Eden Games, streaming analytics company Streamhatchet, and a first-of-its-kind esports arena in Las Vegas called "thE Arena."

Igelman, an esports pioneer who was the first to identify Las Vegas as the North American esports hub of the world, will be speaking at:

SeA co-founder Michael Pollock, serves as managing director of Spectrum Gaming Group, an independent consultancy that specializes in the economics, regulation and policy of legalized gambling worldwide. Spectrum, which has worked in 38 US states and territories and in 47 countries on six continents, also serves as executive director of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS).

Pollock will be speaking on gaming policy and other issues at:

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