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September 20, 2019

Interview with live games B2B provider TVbet

"The future of betting content belongs to live games"

The international exhibition and forum Russian Gaming Week will take place in Moscow on June 6-7.
Russia | 03/11/2019

How do B2B providers work in the gambling business? Platinum sponsor of Russian Gaming Week – TVbet – spoke to organizers of the Russian Gaming Week about how the company was established and revealed its operating principles.


ow do you customize content for your customers?

Tools of different levels are available to customize the frame and broadcasting. For example, on the Web level, after integrating the frame in the page, a customer can change the location of modules, background color, and other visual elements of the color scheme: logo of the betting house, logos and names of games. Besides, the customer can print tickets with the betting house logo.

Broadcasting is a separate topic. The company is ready to offer full branding of the studio with a possibility to change the background, its color composition, language of broadcasting, running letters, logo and slogan of the customer, any animation in the customer’s style, to provide the announcement of matches, events, a possibility to say hi to players, and many other things.

Content customization for our customers is carried out in two directions: with the use of the so-called green screen that provides infinite possibilities for graphical customization, and more humble classical approach of layer stacking and blending.

In other words, when setting up broadcasting for the customer, we can safely say, “Your studio – your game.”

How does the technical support of broadcasting look like?

ТThe company employs 2 support teams that work 24/7 in shifts, monitor broadcasts non-stop.

The team of operators monitors the quality of broadcasting: they are always ready to fix problems if they arise. The second team comprises system administrators that also monitor broadcasts 24/7 and are responsible for software.

What is your target audience?

Our target audience comprises people that visit web pages of legal betting houses. They are people that love placing bets and winning not spending much time on that. Our viewers are busy people that do not have time to see into complex interfaces and settings. We offer simple solutions.

How do you pay out winnings?

All payouts are made solely by betting houses that accept bets.

How did you come up with the conception of live games?

Many years of experience in the business and results of the global market analysis at a certain point showed that the future of betting content belonged to live games, as betting on these games gained much of player trust. When players watch our stream, they know there is no cheating.

The idea is that the player can turn on the stream in any part of the world where a minimal Internet connection is available and see that everything takes place in real time. Moreover, the conception is organic: the girl is sitting in a room with a nice interior – how one can restrain himself and deny the pleasure of turning on the stream using the tablet while having a rest on a cozy sofa.

In which countries is your product available?

We work worldwide. We are not operators, but B2B providers, so we do not need an operator’s license. However, we have all necessary certificates and permits being a provider of betting products for businesses.

The international exhibition and forum Russian Gaming Week will take place in Moscow on June 6-7.

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