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September 20, 2019

Interview with Dave Holt, Managing Director at Matsui Europe

"There was a great response to Matsui's Oval Premier Decal Chips at ICE"

"The atmosphere was very positive and there were many visitors moving around the halls," Holt (second from left to right) said.
United Kingdom | 03/06/2019

Dave Holt, Managing Director at Matsui Europe spoke with Yogonet to discuss the company's performance at this year's edition of ICE Totally Gaming trade show, as well as the opportunities and challenges coming ahead.


hat did you like most about this year's ICE?

As well as the great opportunity to see our existing and new customers, for us as a company it was nice to have not one but two new products to showcase and then also to share that later this year will be the start of the company's 40th year in Japan.

It’s quite an achievement in today’s business so something we are very proud to be a part of, that was a good part of the week.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere or mood at the trade show?

The atmosphere was very positive and there were many visitors moving around the halls. I was only able to take a short walk around on the third day but it seemed to be a busy show.

How did ICE's visitors react to your two new chips models?

There was a great response to our Oval Premier Decal Chips and especially the new Tornado chip.

As London has generally had a reputation for the buying show we were happy to take new orders for them on the stand.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Following meetings at the show I’m looking forward to getting out and following up with the customers in their respective casinos and areas to further the great discussions we had during meetings in London.

What do you think Matsui could do better?

Overall as a company, I’m happy with what we do, there are some markets that still require licenses in so we can meet some of the customer’s requests so that would be one thing we will look into more during 2019.

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