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September 28, 2021

Exclusive interview with Giorgio Abbiati, CEO Abbiati Gaming

"ICE is the perfect place for Abbiati to develop new strategies and show our wide range of casino equipment"

Pictured at ICE London 2019 are Cristina Giuliani (Customer Care), Giorgio Abbiati (CEO) and Cinzia Cioppa (Office Manager)
United Kingdom | 02/22/2019

Yogonet asks CEO Giorgio Abbiati in search of the value the firm placed on this new edition of the international gaming expo, details about the portfolio Abbiati has curated for the event, challenges ahead and achievements the firm is celebrating in 2019.


hat were ICE 2019's highlights? What did you like about it the most?
Every year the show has the ability to renew itself focusing always on new aspects of the market. Clarion Events has the ability to distinguish itself for a flawless organization that make the show more relevant and efficient year after year. For this edition of ICE London, we noted a strong focus and interest in innovation and in new applications for gaming products that prove the strong evolution of this industry in terms of new solutions for casino operators. At Abbiati, we really appreciated the new trends of the market exhibited at ICE London: the high level of industry transformation encourages and motivates us to pursue always better results and achieve the best solution for our clients.

How would you describe the atmosphere or mood of the trade show overall?
The atmosphere during ICE London show is always exciting and stimulating: the perfect feeling we used to have is to take part in a lively event where interacting with existing and new clients. The atmosphere does not refer only to the event, but it is extended to the all trade show, including all the collateral events organize by Clarion. Being part of a company, which consider the relation with clients and partners one of the key points of its business, taking part in such animated event is very significant.

How do you assess the company 25 years of attending London trade show?
Abbiati is very proud to have been exhibiting at ICE London show for 25 years, especially considering the show has increased its importance in the market. ICE is for us a fixed appointment every year and we always dedicate a strong attention to our participation. All Abbiati departments were committed in realizing brand new products that catch the attention of our booth visitors. For this edition of ICE, we have improved the manufactured of our “Tie” Value Chips patented line creating chips with holoprismatic effect in the decal to reinforce the security in casinos. Other new products displayed at Abbiati stand impressed our visitors, such as the 18 numbers roulette wheel adapted for the new game called Roulette-18 designed by the game inventor Stephen Au-Yeung and the wide range of gaming tables never seen before.

How did ICE's audience react to Abbiati's gaming tables?
We registered a strong and positive feedback for all our new gaming tables with their unique Italian design and Quality: our booth visitors appreciated the new features of our products able to increment both players’ entertainment and casino security.

A great success has been registered for our new Electronic Sic-Bo table, a dice game very popular in the Asian market, which is realized in eco-leather and composite materials, with PVD gold inserts, and contains a light box which easily shows the winning bet combinations played and won.
A new model of GLI-25 certified American Roulette Laser Wheel, which incorporates an upgraded patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A) was displayed at Abbiati booth. It has a new ball track profile that enable roulette wheels to achieve higher level of performance with increased security; it is installed on a new American Roulette Table with an innovative lighting system incorporated in the Roulette Wheel. The system is named K-Wheel and in addition to the wheel, it also enables Winning Number Displays and possible under table lighting. It follows the game status, such as becoming red light when no more bets occur. This new lighting system not only increments the entertainment of players and attract them to the table, but also improves and increases the security and table game control in the casino.

To celebrate our anniversary at ICE 2019, we presented a brand-new Black Jack Table with a table base never seen before. This has been named “Petal Base” as the shape looks like the petals of a flower: it can change colours continuously to entertain clients and create a new atmosphere inside casino rooms. Lights are also present on the top of the table incorporated in the white Corian that enables the lights to shine through, incrementing players’ amusement at the table.

The audience showed also a strong interest in the new table line of the company characterized by elegant lighting system on table basis, which increments the level of refinement of Abbiati product. This includes the previous mentioned Roulette-18 American Roulette tables, along with a brand new Black Jack with the new game Side-Bonus Blackjack designed by Stephen Au-Yeung.

What are the top three new markets you are pursuing?
Abbiati is continuing to consolidate their presence in the market expanding the business worldwide, especially in those areas where it is expected to growth consistently. With this purpose, we are looking to reinforce our business in Asia, where new opportunities are to come.

Abbiati is also committed in consolidating their presence in the cruises market: the company has consolidated partnerships with all the major cruise operators in the business; supplying them Casino Equipment for all their latest ships including Carnival Group, MSC and NCL just to name a few.
A further market Abbiati is interested in is Latin America and Caribbean, where new opportunities are coming up and a strong business is developing.

Abbiati wants to reinforce their presence globally and expos are the perfect place to start developing new strategies giving us the opportunity to show our wide range of casino equipment.

What major threats/opportunities do you foresee for Abbiati core business? How do you plan to handle them?
The business is changing, and new skills and products are required by the operators in the market. Abbiati always commits to anticipate the new trends, especially as far as concerns innovation and new control systems. We are well known in the market for our Italian quality and design that enable us to distinguish from our main competitors: the high standard of our products gives us a leading position in the market. To anticipate the new market trends we commit to combine our tradition with innovative elements, as displays and security and control systems, without reducing our focus on manufacturing high-quality products adapted for the VIP room of the major casino in the world.

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