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September 16, 2019

Interview with Wendy Anderson, Chief of Staff

"In 2018, BMM grew substantially across all key markets"

"Every day BMM is striving to be the premier trusted consultant to the industry with expert consulting, collaboration, communication and education," Wendy Anderson assured.
United Kingdom | 01/30/2019

With ICE London just around the corner, the laboratory's Chief of Staff spoke to Yogonet and revealed the company's highlights that will be on display at this year's edition of the trade show.


hat BMM Testlabs’ highlights and coming attractions will be on display at ICE London?

We’re very excited to be exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming next month. The ICE show has continued to grow over the past few years and is now one of the most important events on the gaming calendar, specifically in Europe.

Founded in 1981, BMM is the original test lab and still the best. At this year’s ICE we are very pleased to be reintroducing BMM’s ‘The Original’ branding at our booth. Additionally, BMM will have a number of global executives and subject matter experts coming to ICE to speak on testing, compliance, new markets, regulatory issues, and what’s next in the industry including cybersecurity, iGaming and sports betting.

Be sure to look out for ‘The Original Testlab’ at ICE this year.

What can the industry expect to see from you in terms of existing and coming services? What can you add regarding BMM’s expanding global footprint?

In 2018, BMM Testlabs grew substantially in our core certification business across all key markets, including the USA, Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.

Furthermore, we achieved significant growth in our specialized QA business in Canada, launched a new world-class cyber defense offering and re-launched our iGaming business in Europe. BMM opened a new lab in Romania, a branch office in Poland, and we’re excited to have moved our European headquarters to our Barcelona office.

It says a lot about our staff that we’ve been able to ramp-up, retain, recruit and train while still setting the standard for testing excellence across the industry.

Which jurisdictions do you feel currently offer the most potential for gaming growth?

BMM is looking forward to a very exciting year in 2019, with key industry trends expected to impact our business favorably. We expect to see expansion in sports betting in the US and BMM is especially well positioned to bring our European customers to new US markets.

Brazil may be moving towards regulating at least some segments of its very large gaming market which will have a long-term positive impact on the gaming industry. We also expect to see several European and South American markets opening in 2019, including Sweden, Switzerland and Peru. BMM Testlabs’ consulting and testing is positioned to service all of these emerging markets.

What educational initiatives is BMM bringing to the market in 2019?

In tandem with BMM’s constant drive to be a thought leader through innovation, quality and partnerships, 2019 will see us accelerating efforts around industry education and consultation. This will include regulatory roundtables, tribal roadshows, speaking events, webinars and a growing body of thought-provoking white papers that have covered:

  • Sports betting
  • Generation Z
  • The future of the slot machine
  • Responsible Gaming

Our most recent original white paper is a series of interviews detailing the changing role of the American Gaming Association across nearly three decades of leadership.

Every day BMM is striving to be the premier trusted consultant to the industry with expert consulting, collaboration, communication and education. I’d encourage ICE attendees to come by the BMM booth to get a free copy of any of our white papers and learn more about BMM’s industry education. Look for more news of BMM Testlabs educational initiatives in 2019!

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