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September 16, 2019

Interview with Aleš Gornjec, General Manager

"Comtrade prides itself on sustainable growth for current and future partnerships"

"We believe that the US market has a lot of potential for gaming growth ever since it has regulated sports betting," the General Manager revealed.
United Kingdom | 01/30/2019

Aleš Gornjec, the company's General Manager spoke to Yogonet to share his views on this year's edition of ICE London, as well as the company's strategies and expectations for 2019.


ith ICE Totally Gaming trade show in London quickly approaching, Aleš Gornjec, General Manager of Comtrade Gaming was interviewed by Yogonet. The executive spoke about the products the company was planning to exhibit at the fair, the jurisdictions that offer the greatest opportunities for Comtrade's growth and revealed the outcome of the company's recent deals and partnerships.

What can you tell us about the products you're planning to unleash at ICE London?

Comtrade Gaming will be launching the latest business intelligence architecture that is integrated with both iCore and sCore product family. Highlighting how value through a high degree of real-time retention strategies, enabled by predictive analytics can be created.

There are further updates to the sophisticated bonusing gamification feature - Award Games. Predictive analytics assists the operator to plan, launch and personalize individual promotions, communicate specific messages and award their players before, during and after gameplay.
Anyone visiting our stand N4-340 will be able to try out the Award Games feature and win a prize.

Which jurisdictions do you feel currently offers the most potential for gaming growth?

We believe that the US market has a lot of potential for gaming growth ever since it has regulated sports betting. Our interest is to provide authorities with the modern central monitoring system. Such a system would be capable of gathering data from operators of online and other existing gaming activities allowed in the region. Figures would be then processed to get information to the regulators on revenues, due taxes, responsible gaming features and fairness of the games.
Across sea there is Europe and Poland is a market we are also interested in. We are still waiting for the gaming market to grow a bit more to then purpose a VLT implementation.

Last year, Superbet migrated operations to Comtrade’s online platform and Dafabet also extended its platform agreement to 2022. What has been the feedback received by both companies so far?

Last year’s Dafabet extension and Superbet migration stories were very successful ones.
Dafabet continues to show their trust into Comtrade’s Gaming technical expertise by delivering products that meet their priorities and standards.

Superbet migration was a major challenge for us as there was a very aggressive deadline but Comtrade Gaming delivered outstanding work on time.

We focus on our clients and their needs, flexible approach and commitment to client satisfaction is perfectly matched to meet their demands. When we make a promise to a client we stick to it!

What is going to be your strategy in 2019 to out-perform competitors and grow your market share?

Comtrade Gaming prides itself on sustainable growth for current and future partnerships. Some additional deals signed in 2018 will be announced in 2019.

Due to the intense focus of many vendors and operators towards the US market, we notice a gap in the European gaming market. We are directing and preparing future strategies for a few specific submarkets located in Europe, Poland is one of them.


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