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September 16, 2019

Interview with Chief Marketing Officer Sabrina Soldà

"BtoBet will be announcing high profile partnerships throughout 2019"

"Emerging markets (Latin America and Africa) and new markets (the US market) are currently garnering the major interest in terms of gaming growth, " Sabrina Soldà said.
United Kingdom | 01/28/2019

Just a few days prior to the opening of ICE 2019, Yogonet interviewed Chief Marketing Officer Sabrina Soldà, who shared the company's recent news and growing expectations for this year's edition of the trade show.


head of the upcoming ICE Totally Gaming trade show in London, BtoBet's Chief Marketing Officer, Sabrina Soldà spoke exclusively with Yogonet to dicussed a wide array of topics regarding the company's position in the current state of the industry.

Which products will you showcase at ICE?

At the upcoming ICE London exhibition, we will be showcasing the updated Neuron Gaming platform, which is the core of our glocal approach to the iGaming industry. The improved technology allows for a new level of operational control – from player management to Business Intelligence processes – whilst also providing an even more advanced user experience to the players, and which serves as the core through which all gaming and sportsbook content is delivered to operators.

We will also be officially unveiling a yet more expanded White Label Partnership Program, which in the last few weeks, apart from already being active in Africa through our Certified Partner STM Gaming, has also been launched in Latin America through our partnership with Wildar Gaming.

What can both operators and players expect to see from BtoBet in terms of product development?

We will be integrating other third-party services – ranging from content, management tools, widgets, and APIs – to further strengthen our glocal approach. Through this development, we will offer operators with the opportunity to personalize even further their offers according to their player needs and expectations. We will be seeking to take micro-segmentation to a new level.

This year will be a very exciting year for us because in the coming months we will also be unveiling new innovative content for both games and sportsbook markets. However, we will be presenting further info on this aspect in due course.

In terms of gaming growth, which jurisdictions currently offer the most opportunities?

Emerging markets (Latin America and Africa) and new markets (the US market) are currently garnering the major interest in terms of gaming growth. As they further embrace regulatory reforms Latin America and Africa are starting to surely reveal their true potential. The Latam market has, in particular, made the headlines during the past few weeks due to Brazil legalizing sports betting for the first time. A scenario that will surely result in a drive from operators to unleash the potential that this huge and interesting market keeps in hold.

When it comes to the US market, although it is relatively new and still in its early regulatory stages, there is no denying that its potential is enormous. Reports predict a period of rapid growth for sports betting, forecasting that it will grow to become the second largest market in the world, which makes for a very appealing context for operators.

Last month, the company welcomed with excitement the news that Argentina’s capital city and Buenos Aires province were passing online gaming legislation. Which opportunities do you think this new scenario provides for BtoBet, not only in Argentina but also in other recently-regulated markets?

First and foremost, it is important to emphasize that a more harmonized and standard approach to the regulatory aspect of the market ensures a robust and transparent framework that safeguards the operators’ interests and ultimately those of their players as well.

The recent Argentinian regulatory update, with Buenos Aires province legalizing online gaming, provides operators with a huge opportunity. This is also particularly good news because we have recently expanded our White Label Partnership Program to Latin America through our regional Certified Partners, Wildar Gaming, who are based in Buenos Aires. This will place us at the heart of this evolving scenario, even on a regional level, as the whole Latam industry is expected to progress rather rapidly in the short to medium term.

Thus we are in a very strong position to provide operators seeking to expand their businesses to the Latin American region with our technologies, which are very advanced in terms of the wide flexibility and versatility they offer when it comes to adapting to local market needs, even from the local payment methods perspective.

What discussions should drive this year's agenda? Which issues will be at the core of BtoBet's strategies?

I believe that 2019 will see the new and emerging markets top the industry agenda. These markets keep in hold a huge potential; however, a lot of operators still do not have the correct know-how at a local level.

Apart from delving purely into jurisdictional matters and market potential, I also believe that the industry will also focus more on the final player experience. There is no denying that the iGaming industry is still lagging behind other entertainment industries from this perspective, and this reality has to be rectified. Thus I also believe that data analysis and management will also be a particularly strong topic, with this yet fully untapped asset having the possibility to provide operators with a unique opportunity to truly reap the benefits from the local context in which they are operating.

Our strategy is to further consolidate our already strong position in the iGaming industry. We will be further extending our operations in the mature, new and emerging markets, announcing high profile partnerships throughout the whole year.

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