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September 15, 2019

Interview with Lorenzo Caci, Director Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Sportradar

"What sets Sportradar apart is our worldwide coverage and partnerships"

"The company’s entire service portfolio covers over 400,000 matches across 60 different sports and provide data and analysis for more than 1,000 companies in over 80 countries. We have been doing this in this space since 2000," says Caci.
United Kingdom | 01/25/2019

Ahead of ICE 2019, Director Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for Sportradar Lorenzo Caci talks to Yogonet about the upcoming opportunities ICE will bring for the firm's portfolio, the success 2018 partnerships has brought to Sportradar and what the industry will look like in post-PASPA 2019.


ould you provide some insight into the products you are planning to debut at ICE Totally Gaming 2019?

We are very proud to debut ad:s at ICE this year, which is our new full-service marketing and sponsorship offer for operators. It complements our 360-degree betting portfolio by enabling operators to streamline their business with targeted spend on verifiable prospects to produce concrete results.

We have also recently announced the launch of Bayes Esports Solutions, as a joint venture with DOJO Madness, which leverages esports data products for business customers, including betting companies, esports broadcasters and general media.

Combined with our comprehensive offering, which includes Betting Services, Gaming Solutions, Live Streaming and Betting Stimulation, we really do provide everything a bookmaker needs to successfully run their business. For those wanting it all under the one umbrella, there is also our Managed Trading Services (MTS), allowing customers to integrate our market-leading sports data and betting entertainment services together with our trading and risk management expertise in whichever way they require.

We also continue to further increase our sports event coverage and have recently introduced new Virtual Sports products as well as a completely enhanced Numbers Betting solution, which we’re also looking forward to debuting at ICE this year.

Throughout 2018, Sportradar penned large-scale agreements with NBA, FIFA and NASCAR, among others. Have these partnerships fulfilled the firm’s expectations? Can we look forward to further agreements of this size in 2019?

We have grown beyond our foundation as the world’s premier data and content services provider to become a sports insights powerhouse. Not only are we the official data provider of some of the biggest leagues in the US, including the NBA, NFL, NHL and NASCAR, we are also the trusted partner of more than 600 bookmakers in over 100 countries. As a company with a client-focused approach, this is something we’re truly proud of.

One of our key focuses going forward is utilising our experience, partnerships and services, which extend across the globe, to help our clients understand and leverage all opportunities the US and other future markets provide as they continue to emerge.

Our CEO and management team have already spent a significant amount of time advising leagues and regulators on best practice in North and South America. It’s because of this that we have been able to extend our relationships even further with the opening of the US regulated betting market in May last year, and we are well-prepared with the tools and services to continue to do so well into the future as the US market continues to take shape.

Have the Managed Trading Services and Self-Service Betting Terminals performed as expected by the firm? What other novelties can we expect in terms of product development from Sportradar in 2019?

Our Managed Trading Service (MTS) continues to be well-received by bookmakers across the world, both large and small. Whether it’s a start-up or established bookmaker, MTS provides the tools and complete flexibility to develop their business, improved trading and risk management and ultimately unlock the full potential of their sportsbooks.

Our entire betting offering is underpinned by almost two decades worth of sports data procurement. This powers every aspect of our wide-ranging betting offering. Again, our partnerships are also behind our success. Ahead of ICE London last year, for example, we announced a partnership with Novomatic as a further boost to our Self-Service Betting Terminals.

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of technology and putting our clients and partners first to ensure we are catering to their needs in staying ahead of the game and boosting their profits. As such, we are continuously launching new products and upgrading our existing services.

What changes has Europe gone through after PASPA was ruled out, in your experience? Which European region offers the highest potential in this new scenario?

At the moment, with only a few US states introducing regulations we haven’t seen too many changes in the European region yet. There is no doubt, however, that the newly unfolding regulated US betting market will make waves across the world, affecting the gaming industry as a whole. As such it is likely to eventually have global penetration, providing potential opportunities for bookmakers and associated companies worldwide. This is especially so in any region where the major US sports are popular. And again, this is where our existing experience and knowledge in the US market can help clients no matter where they are in the world.

Additionally, the opening of the US betting market may also potentially have an effect on other regions yet to enact betting legislation, for example, some of those in the Latin America region and Asia. +Whereas, with legislation, this can be managed more effectively, whilst providing countries with huge commercial opportunities that can benefit other industries.

What discussions should drive the 2019 agenda at an industry-level? Are there any brand new trends not to miss out in 2019?

Gaming and betting as regulated activities have gone through major changes within the past decade and the pace of change has shown no let up. This is due to a number of reasons, including the ongoing advancements in technology. As it does consumers are wanting more entertaining and engaging sports betting and gaming options, no matter where they are, live and fast at their fingertips. Digital consumerism will therefore continue to drive future growth and development, which explains why some of the biggest companies in the world have made huge investments in online. Operators would be wise to keep an eye on trends in this space, as well as, of course the emerging markets and sports with lucrative potential, like esports and the US.

How is Sportradar ‘going that extra mile’ to outperform competition?

Sportradar is the only vendor in the world at its size and scale providing end-to-end solutions for bookmakers, whilst serving sports leagues with data partnerships. What sets us apart is our coverage and partnerships. The company’s entire service portfolio covers over 400,000 matches across 60 different sports and provide data and analysis for more than 1,000 companies in over 80 countries. We have been doing this in this space since 2000. It is the backbone to the detail, quality and speed behind our entire 360-degree betting portfolio and is what truly sets us apart as the leading global provider of sports data intelligence.

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