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September 21, 2019

After nine weeks

Canada: Shorelines Casino at Kawartha Downs reopened in December

Canada: Shorelines Casino at Kawartha Downs reopened in December
Renovation work on site had been finished and the venue was fully ready to welcome new guests.
Canada | 01/03/2019

The gaming location adjacent to Кawartha Downs, one of the most popular places for gaming in Ontario, welcomed last month its first casino patrons since it closed for business in October.


he relaunch was announced by Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Laurie Scott, the Minister of Labour. It could be recalled that the location shut down operation once Shorelines Peterborough Casino launched operation mid-October.

Workers at the Shorelines Casino were left in the unknown following the two-week pause in their work schedule which was eventually extended to mid-December, Casino Reports stated.

Renovation work on site had been finished and the venue was fully ready to welcome new guests.

In her statement, Ms. Scott made it clear that the location reopened thanks to the dedicated work of Ontario Gaming East LP, operator of the gaming venue. Workers were ecstatic they had the chance to go to work once again and just in time for the holiday season. This was one of the main concerns for more than a hundred people currently employed at the casino venue. Service Employees International Union Local 2 is the union which represents their best interest and seeks to protect their steady income.

With the relocation of a portion of the slot machines to the newly-launched Shorelines Peterborough casino venue, workers expressed their concerns that there will be staff cats. Back at the beginning of October part of the gaming devices on site were transferred to the new casino locations, whereas projections were that the remaining slot devices would be relocated to Toronto. Later on, it was confirmed that there is no obligation for the casino venue to do so which in turn prevented strike action from happening.

In order to alleviate the situation, Great Canadian Gaming Corp. overseeing operation of the new casino venue offered work positions of as many as 130 individuals currently employed at Shorelines Slot. The proposal meant that interested individuals could file in their application for a corresponding position at the new venue.

The casino venue located in the vicinity of the Kawartha Downs which has on offer a wide array of live events to the likes of harness racing and a track for auto racing is able to provide the area with its games of chance. The casino venue further diversifies the offerings on site, but ever since October 15, it has been closed for business. Initially, the plan for action implied that workers would cease working for only two weeks, but as it later turned out, this period was extended.

At the moment there are some 30 individuals taking care of the food and beverage offerings on site, whereas another 70 workers oversee slot devices. Previously announced plans for Kawartha Downs sale for CA$20 million remains on the table.

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