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October 17, 2021

Interview with Declan Harkin, SVP and COO, International Lottery at World Lottery Summit

"It was an excellent opportunity for IGT to gather customer input on our vision of 'The Future of Connected Play' "

"Our goal at the summit was to show not only how committed we are to the lottery industry, but also how committed we are to understanding and driving our customers’ businesses."
Argentina | 11/23/2018

After taking part in the World Lottery Summit (WLS), which ended Thursday at Buenos Aires Hilton hotel, IGT's executive highlighted the crucial role of the event in the development of the firm's lottery segment. He also detailed the four pillars exhibited in the company's stand under the name "The future of connected play", and delved into IGT's presence in Argentina.


hy have you decided to showcase at WLS, and what does it mean for you as a company?

As an Associate Member and Platinum Contributor to the World Lottery Association, IGT is deeply committed to the sustainability, success, and growth of the state-authorized lottery industry. The World Lottery Summit is an ideal opportunity to connect with our customers, share our insights about fostering their accelerated growth, and most importantly, listen closely to their feedback.

What did you show and highlight at your booth, with its particular design? What does each area stand for?

IGT recognizes the breadth of new opportunities to transform the gaming landscape. Our booth offered the opportunity for our customers to experience a series of environments representing how lottery players can connect across gaming verticals and channels. We called it “The Future of Connected Play.” Each of the four locations highlighted ideas and solutions to evolve the play experience.

The “at home” portion of the booth showed how the shoppable home makes lottery play quick and convenient through the player’s preferred interface, with conversational commerce solutions leveraging voice-recognition devices and platforms, solutions to buy online and receive home delivery or digital tickets, and fast and convenient player-registration.

The “social environments” bistro section helped customers experience how easy it can be for consumers to select games, change devices, and enjoy an extended play experience via VLT and mobile.

The “on-the-go” section, which simulates a train journey, showed how players can connect with their favorite games wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing. Solutions incorporated chatbot technology and multi-game-play experiences that continue seamlessly from land-based to mobile.

And finally, the future of connected play included a new IGT retail solution that is cashless and paperless, completely digitizing the player experience at retail, as well as a personalized shopper experience using digital signage based on data-driven insights.

Could you share your final assessment, in terms of feedback, networking, new learnings, visitors?

Our goal at the summit was to show not only how committed we are to the lottery industry, but also how committed we are to understanding and driving our customers’ businesses. It was an excellent opportunity to gather customer input on our vision of The Future of Connected Play, and we received very positive feedback on the booth, our Platinum Contributor sessions, and our overall presence at the event.

How could you describe your current presence and relationships with lotteries in Argentina, and what is your perspective and expectations for the future?

We can describe our relationship as collaborative and strong with the provincial lotteries in Argentina. We are committed to continuously providing the highest quality of products and services through our local partners, while at the same time showing market trends and taking advantage of IGT’s global presence to benchmark against similar, growing markets around the world.

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