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September 16, 2019

Exclusive interview with Monika Zlateva, Business Development Manager

EGT Interactive: "Sports betting will lead the way for online casinos in the US"

EGT Interactive:
Monika Zlateva, EGT Interactive: "G2E Las Vegas 2018 was a success for us, and truly surpassed our expectations."
United States | 11/05/2018

"Having a license for land-based operations generates additional credibility and a natural way of the technical knowledge from the online face-to-face channel ", said Monica to Yogonet, additionally, highlighting EGT Interactive's interest in incorporating further regulated territories and the certification of new marketing tools, among others.


an we have your final assessment of your presence at G2E regarding visitors, feedback, networking, new deals, etc.? Have you met your expectations?

This year’s G2E Las Vegas was very successful for us and exceeded our expectations. Our highly Interactive stand managed to catch the attention of many random visitors on top of the partners we had already invited, including gaming companies with appetites for the US market. Yet we were very well prepared in terms of presence so everybody who came at our stand managed to find the right person to talk to. Great networking event and very good opportunity for us to attract new clients and to meet the existing partners and share our important updates with them face to face.

What response have you received regarding novelties and launches showcased at your stand? Which products or aspects drew the most interest?

The responses which we received at our stand were highly positive and exciting. One of the aspects that drew the most interest was our expansion to more and more regulated territories, the certification of our new marketing tools in the already existing jurisdictions and of course the enriched portfolio of video slot games as we shared our roadmap and new exciting developments.

What does G2E mean for you as a company inside EGT?

G2E is a powerful scene which gives us visibility and exposure in both South and North America.  We see G2E as a great networking arena with lovely opportunities to attract the attention of potential partners, especially when US and LATAM markets are concerned, but also for many European companies with international operations.

Did you organize exclusive activities, prizes or surprises during G2E? How did it turn out?

Yes, of course we had prepared a rich variety of useful presents for our partners and clients which they could carry with them even oversees. It is always  nice to show your appreciation to the existing partners on one hand, giving them presents to take home, and also is a very nice sign of appreciation and trust for all potential partners and clients.

Which new trends and demands could you identify from operators and players during G2E? What are your strategies to approach them? 

The trends we noticed at G2E are basically not surprising or new to us as we follow the market trends and always try to meet the demands coming from our operators as they are the direct connection between the end users- the players and our products. Players demand more and more exciting experience coming from simplicity in usage of the gaming products, also a lot of interactive modules offering easy ways for additional profits combined with crystal clear videos which create a fun experience and make them focus fully on the game for a certain period of time.

Which concepts and learning could you acquire in Las Vegas that could be useful for other jurisdictions, like Latin America? Sports betting regulation was one of the main topics throughout G2E this year, how could you take leverage of that momentum?

Yes indeed sports betting regulation was one of the main topics throughout G2E and this is not surprising as the US is generally a sports-oriented market. We believe that once more and more States open and regulate the online sports, online casino will follow as casino is just another vertical from the online gambling which at some point will become a necessary part just like it is in the regulated jurisdictions in Europe. In regards with concepts which could be used in Latin America, we see that holding a license for land-based operations creates extra credibility and is a natural way to transfer know-how from land-based to online, creating an omnichannel experience to the players who can play their preferred games in the casino and online from home.

How's EGT Interactive's agenda regarding further projects and events for the next months? 
Our agenda is, as usual, full and breathtaking! We are preparing ourselves for 2 upcoming big exhibitions- BEGExpo in Sofia, Bulgaria in October and SIGMA in Malta this November where we will show our new games and not only. In parallel, our technical teams are working full power to finish all the development and testing of new exciting features we will release in 2019 as the holiday season is just around the corner.

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