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September 22, 2021

Interview with CEO Giorgio Abbiati

"G2E gave Abbiati the opportunity to expand our portfolio in new potential markets"

"Abbiati’s products are the best testimonials of company’s dedication for features and quality of the manufacture," said Giorgio Abbiati.
United States | 11/01/2018

In an exclusive interview with, Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of the company looked back on the company's presence at this year's edition of the Global Gaming Expo.


as G2E 2018 worth the effort? Why?

We can absolutely assert that this show edition was for Abbiati one of the best show the company has ever participated in. We are very satisfied for having been part of G2E 2018, which has revealed to be a successful event with a global resonance. The organization of the show always requires a tremendous amount of effort from our staff, and the positive feedback we receive from the organizers and participants always compensates for the effort.

How many qualified potential customers attended the event? How successful were this show and your client and prospect meetings for you?

We saw a high number of attendees during all the three show days coming from all over the world. This year G2E went exceptionally well for ABBIATI in Americas, with many visitors from not only the US market, but many from Central, South America and the Caribbean. The show gave us the opportunity to arrange meetings with existing clients and to expand our portfolio in new potential markets.

What were Abbiati's strengths on the trade show floor?

Abbiati’s strengths are probably their products, globally known as ones featured by high standard of quality, security and innovation. I think that also during this edition of G2E 2018, visitors recognized the Italian quality and design characterizing our company manufacture. We are very proud of our products, which capture clients’ attention for their features and finishing. Abbiati’s products are the best testimonials of company’s dedication for features and quality of the manufacture. An additional strength for Abbiati was the presence of our expert staff, which was available to assist new and existing clients proposing the best-customized solution according to every specific request.

Why Abbiati's new table is a must for operators and manufactures?

Abbiati’s tables are a must for many operators of land-based casinos and cruise lines because they are produced with fine finishings and high standards of quality. In particular, cruises managements appreciates Abbiati’s tables for their feature to be long-lasting and manufactured with special materials, which allow them to be more stable reducing the floating movement of the vessel. Another characteristic of an Abbiati table is the possibility to completely customize the product according to the specific requests of each client for design, material and budget.

Another feature of distinction for all Abbiati tables is their fully tested predisposition to include the PJM 3.0 RFID advanced technology through the use of all company’s casino currency. The patented Tie chip and all Abbiati chips and plaques incorporate security features to facilitate their tracking at the gaming table.

During G2E show Abbiati’s tables confirm to be a must for operators, as a metter of fact the
Big Craps table showed in the booth attracted the attention of many visitors. The high quality and the refined materials used to manufacture it, in particular “Noce Canaletto” walnut wood and PVD gold finishing, allowed it to stand out among all other products. Moreover, it was complete with our layout of premium quality, recognized also from professionals who came at our stand. The high quality of products is for Abbiati one of the most important features, because it allows operators to safeguard the healthy of their employers, especially dealers, in addition to make more pleasant and comfortable the gaming for players, keeping them at the table.

What is your post trade show follow-up plan?

We are looking forward to strengthening our presence in the Americas, especially as far as concerns Latin America and Caribbean, where new opportunities are coming up. We mean to reinforce our brand in the existing and in new markets being recognized as a supplier for high quality and customized products worldwide. Expos are the perfect place to start developing these new strategies giving us the opportunity to show our wide range of casino equipment.

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