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August 07, 2020

Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, Sales Director, Innovative Technology

"Innovative Technology successfully showcased new products to new and existing customers at G2E"

Dayna Patterson Marketing Manager at Innovative Technology Ltd and Sales Director Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed assures.
United States | 10/25/2018

The company's Sales Director spoke exclusively to Yogonet about Innovative Technology's performance on this year's edition of the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.


ustapha Hadj-Ahmed delved into G2E 2018 and discussed the different opportunities the trade show provided to Innovative Technology this year. He detailed the new products showcased at the company's booth, as well as their plans for the future.

Was G2E 2018 worth the effort? Why?

Absolutely. G2E gave us an opportunity to showcase our Spectral products, TITO (Ticket In/Ticket Out) solution and validators ideal for the popular sports betting market at one of the biggest gaming shows in the States. Our European Sales Directors attended the show illustrating the importance of our presence at G2E. We successfully showed visitors from across the world how to handle coins, bills and tickets more efficiently, reducing cash related security risks and improving the customer experience.

How many qualified potential customers attended the event? How successful were this show and your client and prospect meetings for you?

We had a busy stand over the entire three days, right until the end of the day on Thursday and we were delighted to welcome visitors not only from the States but from all over the world. We have been busy trialing our TITO (Live Ticket) solution over the past few months in different States in the US so we were pleased to bring our TITO emulator to the show for G2E visitors to demo. Customers were impressed with our Spectraltechnologyand enjoyed seeing the technology in action when demoing both the NV9 Spectral and NV200 Spectral.

Overall, we successfully showcased our new products to both new and existing customers at the show. We met with many European manufacturers which gave us a nice opportunity to tell them what is coming next in terms of new products and development.

What were Innovative Technology's strengths on the trade show floor?

Our TITO solution was a hit and customers could clearly see how Live Ticket can maximize revenue, increase total play time and speed up customer payouts.

Other highlights at the show included the NV200 Spectral and NV9 Spectral – the most technically advanced bill validators in their class. Spectral sensors are used in both units provide high-resolution imaging to authenticate the validity of bills. Visitors were impressed with the advanced level of fraud protection, high acceptance rates and modular design that our Spectral products offer.

Sports betting was popular at the show - our original NV9 bill validator is the ideal product for this market. We were pleased to see this being used on many operators stands at G2E for this purpose. The popular NV9, with its enhanced sensing technology and high acceptance rate for multi-currency, is ideally placed to meet the market needs in this expanding area of gaming. It offers flexibility as its modular design means that a ticket printer can be added on to create the NV12 giving operators barcoded ticket printing capabilities.

Why the NV200 Spectral is a must for operators and manufactures?

The NV200 Spectral is a highly secure bill validator which uses the state-of-the-art Spectral technology. One of the main reasons why operators choose the NV200 Spectral is that it delivers outstanding fraud protection by using clever optical and mechanical anti-strimming technology and stained bill detection. It increases acceptance rates with its 4-way bar code acceptance feature and speeds up transaction time and operator profitability with a fast 2-second bill to bill processing time. Its modular design means customers can also add on recycling and ticketing capabilities making this a flexible and future-proof investment.

What is your post trade show follow-up plan?

After every show we analyze and follow up on all leads and make contact with potential customers. We also use trade shows as a way to get feedback from customers, so we will collate this and input this back into the business to aid further product development.

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