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September 20, 2021

Interview with Renato Bičič, Sales Director

"SAGSE 2018 was a success for Spintec"

"SAGSE 2018 was a success for Spintec since we were able to seal new deals and meet new potential partners," Spintec's Sales Director assured.
Argentina | 10/02/2018

A few weeks after the end of this year's edition of SAGSE Buenos Aires, Renato Bičič, Spintec's Sales Director, discussed the company's performance on the show. He discussed the products exhibited during the three days of the show and unveiled the company's plans for the future.


hat are you presenting in this edition of SAGSE?

At this year’s SAGSE our focus was at presenting Karma GEN2 product line. We showcased Karma Roulette with 8 playing stations and a virtual stand-alone playing station. Both products can be customized as suits casinos best. You can choose between different games (Roulette, Sic-Bo/Craps, Baccarat or a variation of games), different technologies (Automated, Virtual) and specific parameters. Karma also offers a multitude of different colours, materials and set ups to choose from that fits any casino interior perfectly.

What comments are you receiving from the visiting public?

Our stand at SAGSE was busy all three days. A lot of visitors were drawn to our stand by Karma’s cutting-edge design which accounts for sublime attraction and visibility among other electronic table games and exhibitors on the expo floor. When asking visitors about the feedback, they always appreciate our limitless customization options and flexibility we offer. Longer gaming sessions guarantee is also something visitors are impressed by. Karma GEN2 promises longer gaming sessions which directly translates into higher revenues for the operators. It is designed in a way that it has complete player’s attention from the very first moment they sit down to play.

What balance can you make of your participation in the show?

Both products we showcased, gained a lot of interest from visitors of the expo and we were able to already seal a few orders directly at the expo. And in the following months we expect even more. We are really excited to expand our presence in the region in the future further more.

How do you see the Latin American market and how do you see Argentina compared to the rest of the countries?

Our product line Karma is a success all over the world and Latin America is no different. Spintec’s Karma is installed in many markets in Latin America, such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru as well as in other prominent casinos around the world. On Argentinian market there is a big competition between domestic and international manufacturer of electronic table games. Spintec is slowly but steady surpassing every competition there is and is expanding its market share. Today, the majority of operators in Argentina know Spintec’s brand, our products are well received by operators and players directly. We owe a huge part of this success also to our distributor Techno Gaming S.A., a team of gaming experts, providing excellent sales and after sales service to the operators.

What are the company's goals by the end of the year?

So far, 2018 has been an amazing year. Alongside new technologies, games and products we alternated, we made a new product line Karma GEN2 and presented it for the first time at ICE London in February. 2018 was rich also in expos we have visited or exhibited at so far. We will be present on 12 expos worldwide until the end of 2018. The closest to date will be G2E in Las Vegas in October. If you are in the area you should definitely visit Spintec’s stand #2046. And in October another important thing is happening, we begin with construction works for our new business site. We have invested in building a new facility providing 300 percent larger production and office capacities, as the current ones could not sustain company’s growth and development in the future. Furthermore, the majority of our focus will be Australia, new certifications and new partners in the countries we are not present at the moment. We are also working on new games and products, but let’s leave that a secret for now.

How did you see this edition of the show?

We were present at SAGSE for the last 3 years and plan to exhibit again next year. This is one of the most important expos in Latin America and everybody that counts is there. SAGSE 2018 was a success for Spintec since we were able to seal new deals and meet new potential partners. We believe that SAGSE 2019 will be even better and bigger with even more visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.

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