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September 20, 2019

Interview with Alex Stiglich, DRGT Managing Director for LatAm and the Caribbean

"For DRGT, it’s all about putting the player first"

"I firmly believe that the player will always drive the agenda, he’s done so in the past, will do it in 2018, and will continue to do so in the future," he assured.
United States | 10/01/2018

Ahead of the annual Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas next week, DRGT's Manager Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Alex Stiglich spoke exclusively with The executive delved into the company's expectations for this year's edition of the event and unveiled the innovations that will be showcased at the famous trade show.


hat can you tell us about the products you're planning to unleash at G2E Las Vegas?

As you know, we do our best, not only with our jackpot solutions, but with our systems too, to always develop products that put the player first.

At G2E this year, operators can look forward to two new and revised products guaranteed to make a significant impact on the way they engage and service their players.

Hot off the back of the launch of our drSelfRegistration raffle ticket and loyalty card solution, which we showcased at ICE in London in February this year, comes the launch of our drRoamingCashier.

The application loads straight onto any android mobile phone or tablet and allows operators to engage and transact with players anywhere on their gaming floor, providing them with the exact same service offering as at the casino cash desk or cage, but from the comfort of their favourite slot machine or table game. In so doing operators are able to utilize the latest technology to provide their players with a quick, simple and user-friendly access and exit point to any gaming session.

Furthermore, as direct communication across all sectors of business becomes ever more important, our drMediaManager is another simple an easy to use tool for Marketing and Gaming Managers alike; it allows for the placement and scheduling of advertising material and messaging to overhead displays like TVs, jackpot signage, and all player tracking devices and EGMs with on-screen functionality. It's as simple as selecting the device/s to which you'd like to send the communication, defining who and where you'd like to send it to, scheduling the event, and then 'attaching' the relevant piece/s of communication, it really is that easy.

What can both operators and players alike expect to see from you in terms of product development?

As arguably the world-leader in jackpot configuration options at both a local and wide-area level, the obvious evolution of that slots success was to develop a similar product for Tables.

Over the last 18 months or so we have spent a considerable amount of time testing and tweaking our BlackJack11’s tables jackpot game, and whilst it was on show in Las Vegas last year, we truly believe we now have a world-class tables mystery, local and wide-area jackpot solution that exceeds players expectations and adds significant value to operators’ bottom line.

In fact, at present it is the most profitable tables jackpot game ever on the African continent, and we are hoping to expand that success across the globe.

We will have two of these games on display at G2E and we really look forward to showing operators (and players) alike just how effective and fun BlackJack11’s is.

In addition to BlackJack11’s, we will obviously be showcasing our core systems products too; including reporting, bonusing, player tracking, our player kiosk software, as well as our world-leading jackpots, and player interface and EGM screen integration technology.

Which jurisdictions do you feel currently offer the most potential for gaming growth?

Heading up DR Gaming Technology's Latin American and Caribbean business, I can only really talk to perhaps my region and our recent expansion there, which has seen offices open in Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia over the last 12 months, so as you can see we are very bullish, and I believe our investment in the region talks to that 100%.

My colleague, Alfredo Moreno, who heads up our Mexican business, is also extremely busy. As you know we opened his office in Mexico City almost a year ago to the day, and he and his team have literally not touched ground for 12 months.

What discussions should drive the 2018 agenda? Where will the focus be?

We have chatted about these topics on a number of occasions, and as you know, businesses in general are often either bound by, or driven by, what technology allows them to do. That said, in addition to the technology itself, even once implemented businesses are also often hamstrung by their inability to properly leverage these technology shifts.

I already referred to our drRoamingCashier and our drMediaManager, both tools leverage the aforementioned technology in a concerted effort to allow specifically gaming businesses (operators) the ability to service their customers (players) better. I think anyone who operates a B2C business understands how demanding consumers in general are becoming, they want to be serviced better, fed the correct information without question, and then be afforded the opportunity to consume that information when it suits them.

I firmly believe that the player will always drive the agenda, he’s done so in the past, will do it in 2018, and will continue to do so in the future.

What is going to be your strategy this year to out-perform competitors and grow your market share?

I have probably mentioned ‘the player’ three or four times already in our chat, and I will mention him again; our dedicated strategic focus on the player, has driven (and continues to drive) our research and development.

When Jurgen (De Munck, CEO) and Michiel (van Dam, CTO) founded the company in 2003, their vision was simple: to develop and deliver the best gaming technology that puts the player first; and that is exactly what we've done ever since.

Granted, in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Mexico, both my and Alfredo’s teams do not develop the technology, but we definitely ensure that it is delivered and supported in the best way possible. In addition to our installation and support services, our local product managers engage with operators and players alike, and this feedback combined with the work done at our research and development offices in Belgium, Malta, Austria and South Africa provide for a formidable library of ideas and reference points. It is from here that we debate, assess and agree on what new solutions or augmentations we need to develop in order to help operators keep ‘putting their player first’.

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